Austin Pond Society 22nd Annual Tour – S7,S9

Continuing on with the Austin Pond Societies Annual Pond Tour, this is a 15oo gallon pond surrounded by interesting artwork.


S7     Grant – South Austin

Visit this property and you’ll find yourself surrounded by interesting hardscape, rainwater tanks and woodworking projects. It’s a veritable DIY heaven. As you enter the backyard, there’s a well-disguised tank to your right adjacent to the deck with a large double-urn water feature. Follow the walkway to the backyard, and you’ll find five more large rainwater harvesting tanks. Don’t miss the bronze four-inch pipe that connects the wet and dry systems. At the back of the property is a 1,500-gallon pond fed by the rainwater system. Landscaping is minimal with potted plants throughout the site.


S9 – Jason and Simone

This owner-built pond was constructed in about two months; it is a 4,000-gallon liner pond and utilizes a bog garden filled with umbrella plant, pickerel and iris. The pond is covered with hardy lilies and parrot’s feather and contains lots of happy goldfish. Two large boulders were impossible to remove and now act as plant shelves under the liner. Rainwater from a 1,000-gallon tank adjacent to the pond replaces water that has evaporated, and a windmill provides additional aeration.

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