Austin Pond Society 22nd Annual Tour – S8, S8 Night

Continuing on with the Austin Pond Societies Annual Pond Tour, this site has many things to offer and has been on the tour several times. It is also one of the two ponds open for the night tour and is an all time favorite with the  lights and reflective mirrors.


S8 – David and Barbara – South Austin

Plan to spend some time at this delightful garden and proceed slowly because there’s so much to see. Follow the mosaic sidewalk past two water features in the front yard and notice the many unusual plants around the arbor. Go past the new mirrored mosaic toilet water feature and through the art-filled passageway to the ponds that span this totally shaded garden. As you enter the backyard, you’ll see a weeping wall built with several kinds of rock that supports a variety of moisture-loving plants. There are three liner ponds that total about 4,000 gallons and a newly built stream and cedar bridge. Enjoy the deep shade and spend some time sitting on the decks next to the ponds.

The location during the day.

The same location at night.

As with all of these slides, if you click on any one of them it will enlarge and then use the side arrows to move the pictures along. Press  “Escape” to get back to normal.

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