The Last of Many

This is the last post that will be written on this website. I am closing it down and have already opened a new one at

The reason for the closing is very simple. Originally, I wanted to just change the title of this site but as it is also the domain name, the only way to make that change was to add a new domain. So, that is what I have done and welcome to the new domain of

Nothing much will change in the way of content on the new site except there will be very little, if any, blogs about ponds and all things related unless in my travels, I happen to visit a pond worth mentioning and taking pictures.

Just to explain for those of you that are unaware, I am selling my house and along with it, giving up the ponds and the garden and am taking to living in my RV full time. I plan to take some of the time driving around this beautiful country of ours and spending time in different locations. That is, until I can drive no more and then I will park the RV permanently somewhere to live out my remaining days.

I have blogged at the old site for ten years and it has been a wild ride. I want to thank all of my readers and followers who have taken the time over the years to accompany me on my journey.

I hope that you will continue to do so at the new site which is listed above as the only thing that will change is the absence of pond related articles. The material. pictures and poetry and all of the blogs will remain active if any of you have the need or desire to re read them.

Thanks again and see you on the road…

Written 01/30/2021