Hard Work or Weak Mind?

My Mind says, Do it another day.

I took a walk around the yard
but the work out there seemed very hard
for my particular state of mind
being of the fragile kind
as nowadays when my mind says no
my body follows along and so
the work that once was easy to me
now is very hard to see
and requires extra effort on my part
just to even think to start
even though my body is weak
as compared to say when in my peak
I can still do much of what needs to be done
although I always do it alone
just as long as my mind agrees
that is what my body needs
otherwise its find something new
and choose a different project to do
like staring at my computer screen
in the hope of fulfilling my dream
of becoming a writer and be famous and rich
instead of writing bad rhyme to fill the glych
as its very easy to say
let’s do this another day…

Just like this one…

Written 12/22/2020