What is wrong with us, why do we grow so bloody old?

Sunset in Texas

Sunset in Texas

I look at all the old people and say how the hell did we get this way
all wrinkled and bent and shuffling along barely able to walk a straight line
with cane’s and walkers and all kinds of aids just to help us get through the day
with memories short or hardly at all trying to think of what was just said
as conversing about any subject so small is hard when you can’t think of the words you need
they are somewhere on the tip of your tongue but just out of reach again, every one
and as for names, forget they exist as they have this habit of slipping away
the minute you meet someone new and they tell you their name
you hope you will keep it at least for a while
but usually no more than a word or two and you are left without a clue
“Who was that”, someone asks and your mind draws a blank
and you have to admit that again and once more
your memory has failed to log in the name so that you could repeat it again.

One thing for sure there is no doubt we are the best outfitted of them all
with hearing aids and implanted teeth and replaced knees when they grew weak
and don’t forget a hip or two or maybe a pacemaker to make the heart beat
and if that doesn’t work replace the heart with one donated by someone else
who was not so lucky and was not saved by the miracles of modern medicine’s techniques
for all we do is buy more time and all of the money we may spend
for all the new parts, our body to mend
but in the end there is no escape and death will come our souls to take.

A word of advice to you young people out there who physically think you haven’t a care
just look around you and you will see that youth will not last for eternity
and in the space of a few short years you will look like us with just the same fears
make the most of the time you spend on this earth for it is so short with not much mirth
Enjoy it, kick ass and never lose track for “It’s hell growing old” is my final comeback.

You are born and then you die…

Rest in Peace whoever you may be...

Rest in Peace whoever you may be…

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