Class Distinction and Money.

The tree of life

The tree of life

What is life and how do you describe it
for some it is wealth and riches beyond imagination
for others life is so poor that it is a struggle to put bread on the table
and then there are the majority at least in America, the so-called Middle Class
where there is not so much money to be called rich
but enough to maintain a very good standard of living
and enough to support the country more so than the rich

America claims it has no class distinction
which may be true as given the resources, anyone can succeed
but it does have distinctions that are defined by money and wealth
the very rich, the middle class and the poor
and each are striving to change
the very rich are trying to get richer
the middle class are trying to get rich
and the poor will always be poor
as only a few of them will succeed.

Someone once said that if all of the wealth
was divided equally between every person in this country
over a period of time, the wealth would revert back to where it started
with the rich staying rich
the middle class struggling to maintain their status
and the rest would again be poor
It’s a sad thought.

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