Follow Up to Friends…

Danny with his buddy Richie

Danny with his buddy Richie

When I wrote about friends the other day
I was thinking more about those away
not because they fell ill and died
and caught everybody by surprise
or because they had an incurable disease
which was going to take them
however we choose
as we have no say in someone’s life
to live or to die is not ours to decide.

No, I was thinking more on the lines
of all of those we have left behind
as we live our lives they have no say
and if we needed to move away
the friendship however strong at the time
eventually ended with no ties
as each moves on with new friends to replace
those who are now no longer in grace.

Luckily for us as we move on
briefly missing the ones who are gone
replacing them is not easy to do
as people are gregarious and soon
they meet new people to nurture and grow
whether in contest or just to drink beer
to boost each other or to give good cheer
a helping hand when in need
that’s what friends do
for friends to succeed.

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