I am still here, just busy…

What has happened, you may say
how have I gone astray
what is it that kept me away
from writing in my blog today
as the weeks have passed on by
and nothing from me to give you joy.

Alas, there is but one of me
and as talented as I may be
can only work on one thing at a time
although several pieces I have in mind
many of which I will use here
when I have the other things clear.

My time has been taken out in the yard
preparing for the Annual Pond Tour
for which my ponds were volunteered
although happy am I to open the door
so people in my yard may go
and see the ponds that I have on show.

And if it was not enough of my time
I visited all of the Ponds on the Tour
and each one a video did make
happy the owners to participate.

Now I am working on those videos
cutting and splicing to make them flow
voice overs and music, titles and such
work to be done for the final touch

Then when happy am I with each one
to the next project which is fun
to write about every one of the ponds
until the video and words play like a song.

Out of this you may conclude
that plenty of ideas I have construed
for the next article that I write
will be in my blog I have set my sight
I thank you my readers who patiently wait
until I have the other things straight.

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