Farewell my Turtle friend…

Red eared slider Turtle

Red eared slider Turtle

The turtle died I’m sad to say
I know not why he passed away
in the bottom of the pond he lay
no more to swim another day.

I recognized him by his shell
the back of which was beat to hell
as Richie found him years ago
and chewed on his shell as dogs will do

He had to be at least 15 years old
how long do turtles live in the wild
although a protected life he led
to no avail as he ended up dead.

I hope he enjoyed his life with me
and living with the other three
although in truth I rarely saw
unless on the rocks the sun to draw

He has not left us all alone
as young turtles this year I have seen
and maybe his last act to perform
was to give life to others to be born.

One thing Nature has shown to me
is not get attached to things wild
life comes and goes without control
as usually only the strong survive.

Rest in peace small turtle friend
I hope you had an easy end
as I shall watch your offspring grow
and hope they will continue your show.

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