Musings about life

The Beauty of Life

What is life you might well ask
as it assumes it’s normal task
of keeping each one of us alive
although we know not the reason why
what is that spark that makes us live
and just as quickly can see us die
with a body adapted well as we grow
and returns to the earth when our last breath shows

What is it that the Maker creates
that spark of life to set us free
with only a few short years to our name
instead of living for eternity
and while alive we are at risk
of anyone of a number of things
sickness being the most common of all
many of the sort that our lives will fall.

We each have a limited amount of time
as the body grows old and gives up that spark
hoping to die a natural death
right up to our final breath
while we are alive and in our prime
there is an awful lot of living to do
as we progress our lives through the years
with laughter and happiness sorrow and tears.

Most of us as we go through life
are only concerned to lessen the strife
that impacts our lives and the ones that are dear
not giving a thought to those others out there
who each have their lives doing exactly the same
trying to live to the best of the game
and keep their families safe and sound
as time marches on and consequences abound.

In the end we will all die
no matter how hard we try
keeping fit and eating the right things
not taking risks as if we had wings
keeping our feet firmly on the ground
facing life whose troubles abound
and finally coming to the end
to return to the earth which is now our friend.

I am not afraid to die
yet I want to know the reason why
I did not last a few more years
going through life which I hold dear
leaving friends and pets behind
saying goodbye for that one last time
to return to the earth from where life began
gone forever from this land.

Written 2/12/2020

Life is so fickle…


Rodney and Keith

Once again the side of life that we all try to ignore has raised its ugly head. Yet, it should not come as a real surprise as eventually, it happens to every one of us. Unfortunately, human life has not yet reached the point of immortality no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise. It is no shock that someone dies as we will all die eventually. No, what is the shock is the why’s and the when’s, reasons that are for the most part, still a mystery even to the greatest Minds of the World.

Would we be better off if we knew beforehand the exact moment of our deaths and maybe even the reason for it? Could we spend a lifetime preparing for such an eventuality and be mentally prepared to accept it when it comes? I seriously doubt that any of us could be that strong knowing that at such and such time today or tomorrow, next week or next year, we will draw our last breath on this Earth especially if the reason for our death is anything less than genteel.

The reason for these morbid thoughts is the news of the death of Rodney Lewis, a former Board Member of our local Pond Society. Rodney passed on July 4, a little over six months after the death of his partner Keith Neuse, whose demise in December of last year caught us all by surprise. Rodney had held up well following Keith’s death and last month had opened up his pond as a part of the Members Only Pond Tour. Rodney was at the last meeting on June 18 and appeared to be in good health and good spirits.

Rodney’s passing is a real shock to us all because of the unexpectedness of it. We were not prepared for this news because as far as we knew, Rodney was in good health for a seventy something man. He wasn’t sick at least that we knew of so how could he die without us having some warning?

For those of you who would like to believe in such things, Rodney has now joined up with Keith to spend the rest of their very existence together and we wish them much happiness. For the cynics among us, who is going to be next on the list. Whoever it may be, I hope they will not be so inconsiderate as to pass on without letting us know beforehand to lessen the shock. It brings home to us all that life is so fickle. Here today and gone tomorrow.

Preparedness is everything. Few have that opportunity…

To read the original blog for Keith, use this link

Written 7/6/2018

Thinking About Life and Death…


How strange it is that truth be told
that when we grow so very old
our concepts and our outlooks change
just like we are playing out a game
there are no sides no choice to make
there are no winners for anyone’s sake
it matters not how you were born
man or woman rich or poor
or how you lived the life you had
whether good or sometimes bad
or if you had a God on high
somewhere up there in the sky
or if you ate the proper food
and exercised when in the mood
or took long walks to try to stay fit
even when you would rather sit
making the effort to prolong your life
staying clear of trouble and strife
and yet one day you will wake up dead
with nothing more that can be said
that you tried to beat impossible odds
that no one before even your God
has been able to do though many have tried
and history has proved and has not lied
that Man’s time on this earth is limited to
a few score years we know is true
and no one likes the bottom line
even over the course of time
our lives are over in the blink of an eye
we hardly have time to say goodbye
before a new life takes our place
joining as part of the human race
to lead the life that we once just lived
and in our hearts we must forgive
as the human life is a fragile thing
before our spirits start to sing
to live out our time within the wind
blown gently by Nature as she takes us in
the bottom line the truth be told
we are no different as we behold
we are a part of what Nature provides
no different than others who preside
here on this Earth that we call home
for a short while until we are done.

This past year 2015.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Out with the old and in with the new.

This year has finally come to an end
and with it I made many new friends
new events and new scenery and places to walk
meeting other people who like to talk
about ponds and hiking and getting outside
viewing Nature and the beauty she provides
working out at the gym along with others the same
wanting to get our bodies in shape
to be able to do all these wondrous things
and live life to fullest the best way we know how
and the time to do this has to be now.
for life can play some terrible tricks
and things can get in a bit of a fix
as things don’t always work out the way
and we often put off to another day
working on this or attending to that
and often having to take the flack
for things that are not always our fault
at which point as a last resort
we go back to the gym or take a long walk
to work off the frustration that it has brought.

Sometimes things just can’t be fixed
especially if someone is very sick
and they turn for the worst and then they die
and in our hearts we ask ourselves why
how is it we can lose our friends
or parents or pets  who to the end
have lived on this earth the same as we
with lives no different that we can see
and yet they got sick and then they died
why them you ask and why not me.
I guess in the big scheme of things
we all have a turn but who will decide
who lives, who dies who get sick or stays well
who goes to Heaven or who goes to Hell.

We are ready to start a brand new year
hoping it brings nothing but cheer
good health and happiness and riches too
or whatever it is that we each really want
with our own ideas of how to proceed
and hope that in everything we will have needs
and yet at the back of everyone’s mind
is a little doubt of the future and what it holds
for us individually and as a group
and what can we do, what steps so bold
to make sure that life for us will unfold
and for our friends and family too
and our pets who without a part is lost
as they enter our lives with nothing but love
all they need is the same for us to give.

One thing we can bet with our lives
that every morning the sun will rise
and as long as we are able to wake
then a good day we will be partake
for if in fact our number is up
and in the night death came our way
thinking of those we left behind
who in this race will carry on
until the time when they will be gone
we are born, we live and then we die
this scheme of things of which we are sure
and it will be for evermore.

Happy New Year.

Farewell my Turtle friend…

Red eared slider Turtle

Red eared slider Turtle

The turtle died I’m sad to say
I know not why he passed away
in the bottom of the pond he lay
no more to swim another day.

I recognized him by his shell
the back of which was beat to hell
as Richie found him years ago
and chewed on his shell as dogs will do

He had to be at least 15 years old
how long do turtles live in the wild
although a protected life he led
to no avail as he ended up dead.

I hope he enjoyed his life with me
and living with the other three
although in truth I rarely saw
unless on the rocks the sun to draw

He has not left us all alone
as young turtles this year I have seen
and maybe his last act to perform
was to give life to others to be born.

One thing Nature has shown to me
is not get attached to things wild
life comes and goes without control
as usually only the strong survive.

Rest in peace small turtle friend
I hope you had an easy end
as I shall watch your offspring grow
and hope they will continue your show.

Friends-How Many Do You Still Have…

Red Rose Bud

Red Rose Bud

People come, people go
when you think about those we know
how many can we call our friends
that will always be there at the end

Truth to say on any day
a lot of people have passed our way
and yet, how many of them are friends
those we expect to see again.

We are such a mobile group
never staying long in one place
and there are folks we leave behind
who at the time are of the special kind

But time passes which its wont to do
and those special people of our past
a fading memory of times gone by
replaced by others to share the task

Schoolboy chums, mates of our teens
and even friends on our soccer teams
those who played, those who watched
and those who celebrated at the wins.

Where are all of those old friends gone
how many are still alive
did life treat them right or wrong
and these are things we will never find

I guess the story of life it told
around people who we choose to select
a few special folks their time to unfold
that friendly feeling as we connect

I have a few really good friends
with whom I like to spend my time
of the many other people I know
just acquaintances who come and go

As we grow older, the thoughts grow clear
of the friends we have known over the years
each to their time as it passed by
followed by more before we die

One thing is certain we can be sure
we have had lots of them over the years
we may shed tears as they pass out of our lives
yet we still have friends to meet, never fear.

Death will have the final word
as it marches onward to the day
and in its wake it sweeps aside
all friendships formed along the way.

I have lost a few friends these last few years
sickness or age an accessory
I am sad when I hear about each one
but secretly glad it was them and not me.

To those of my friends who I have known
if death has taken you as one of its own
I rejoice that I was privileged to say
You were my friend back in the day.

Conversation or the written word?

Red Rose

Red Rose

Someone once said to me
how is it a poet you can be
you were not like that when you were young
all you thought about was fun
and older now and wiser to
but you still do not have a clue
to speak and make sense to the people you meet
when you see them in the street
not two words do you utter to them
as conversation is hard to do
especially for someone who
prefers to write rather than talk
as writing comes from the brain
and talking comes from the heart
and conversations can be hard
when the brain is not doing its part.

Writing invokes strong feelings about
the subject that is at hand
but conversation is more real
as passions and feelings make you feel
sad and miserable and happy too
depending on the person who
you are talking to at that time
and what the subject is about
life and death, loss or find
make conversations of the other kind
difficult to have if you are like me
as choked up I get and barely can talk
and turn away so people don’t see
the feelings I have that is in me.

That is why I prefer to write
as generally I am alone
if the words are so powerful they make me sad
at least no one else will see
what passionate words can do to me
whether they are of the written kind
or are spoken, that too is fine
I cannot help who I am
or how I react when people I see
especially those who are dear to me
although alas I have to say
some of those have passed away
and those I can write about with fine words
and shed my tears, my sorrows to feel
alone as I write with no one around.

Words will pop into my head
when pen to paper I apply
but this cannot be said
when conversations I do try
my brain thinks this and my voice says that
and the two are not in harmony
so I speak when others do engage
in conversation but all I do
is answer what they have to say
and hope we’ll meet another day
when my brain is turned on to the subject at hand
and my voice will respond to them as I plan
to get better at this talking thing.

I have been working at it for seventy years
and alas its true that all of my fears
of speaking to others is not my way
as I run out of things to say
and unless with conversation they proceed
then for me it’s time to leave
and hope that on another day
we will have much more to say.

Dedicated to the Great Conversationalists of this World.