Strange and Troubled Times

Texas Mountains

These are really strange times in which we live with the threat of the Corona Virus keeping everyone on their toes. When I say everyone, I say that with tongue in cheek as there are an awful lot of people who, in their own minds, have already come to the conclusion that the threat is over and are doing their damnedest to bring things back to their idea of normality. This regardless of the fact that the numbers of people with the virus is rising.

While many of us, especially the aged and infirm, are still struggling with social distancing and being very careful when we go to the grocery store, others have thrown all caution to the winds and are treating it as though the pandemic is over. In the meantime, the charts are showing that more and more people are getting infected, at least here in Texas where I live but it doesn’t seem to register with those same selfish few who want things back to normal. I wonder what it is about human nature that makes people react the way that they do? They are not stupid people at least we can give them the benefit of the doubt regarding that and yet they choose to act in stupid ways, not wearing face masks out in public, ignoring social distancing, congregating in crowds in bars and restaurants and even attending political rallies, standing elbow to elbow. Everyone would like things back the way they were but only when it is safe to do so.

Human Nature can be its own worst enemy in times of crisis and then is all too ready to put the blame on the other guy. Of course, people have always been like this and it doesn’t always take a pandemic to bring out the worst in us. Don’t get me wrong as there are always the bright stars that pop up during moments of crisis but they are driven by different motives and for them, it is not all about self but what can they do for the other guy. Those are the true heroes in these troubled times.

Written 6/16/2020