Back to my “Normal” Routine’s

Planet Fitness at Oak Hill

Planet Fitness at Oak Hill

Yesterday, I went to the gym for two hours
so what is special about that, you say
it used to be a routine for me
every second day working out this way.

Then my ponds on the tour were volunteered
and preparation got under way
every day for  months at a time
I did not have any time to play

I did get a workout on the ponds
for some of that work like lifting rocks
is the same as lifting weights in the gym
with a little more risk and a lot more knocks

The Pond Tour came and was quickly gone
one day to show off all that work
three hundred people came to view
with lots of fine comments as my due

But wait you say, that was only one month
what happened to the other two
I’m glad you asked as the rest of the time
was taken in writing and videos too.

For Editor of the Ripples is me
a reporter of sorts and cameraman too
as videos I took of all twenty ponds
to show the members in review

It took a month and a half to complete this task
with ten-hour days on many a time
no physical work did it take
and no workout  either for my sake

Hooray it is done I’m happy to say
and I live to spend another day
back to the gym is where I belong
working out, pushing weights to make me strong.

With the hope that all this effort for me
will help me live for eternity
well, maybe not quite that long
but at least to a fine old age and still strong.

Bring on the weights and the exercise machines
now I have time for my regular routine
back to the gym every second day
is my idea of fun and play

Oh yes, I forgot that while I work out
my earphones are on and listening to
an Audiobook with authors so fine
Tom Clancy, Stephen King come to mind.

One of the reasons that I like to work out
is to listen to authors much better than me
to learn from them as the stories they tell
in the hope that a writer like them I can be.
and though I know that as much as I try
the gift I don’t have is the reason why
but still I have words that want to come out
and so I write them in verse so there is no doubt
that although a great writer I never will be
having fun with words is my destiny.



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