Friends-How Many Do You Still Have…

Red Rose Bud

Red Rose Bud

People come, people go
when you think about those we know
how many can we call our friends
that will always be there at the end

Truth to say on any day
a lot of people have passed our way
and yet, how many of them are friends
those we expect to see again.

We are such a mobile group
never staying long in one place
and there are folks we leave behind
who at the time are of the special kind

But time passes which its wont to do
and those special people of our past
a fading memory of times gone by
replaced by others to share the task

Schoolboy chums, mates of our teens
and even friends on our soccer teams
those who played, those who watched
and those who celebrated at the wins.

Where are all of those old friends gone
how many are still alive
did life treat them right or wrong
and these are things we will never find

I guess the story of life it told
around people who we choose to select
a few special folks their time to unfold
that friendly feeling as we connect

I have a few really good friends
with whom I like to spend my time
of the many other people I know
just acquaintances who come and go

As we grow older, the thoughts grow clear
of the friends we have known over the years
each to their time as it passed by
followed by more before we die

One thing is certain we can be sure
we have had lots of them over the years
we may shed tears as they pass out of our lives
yet we still have friends to meet, never fear.

Death will have the final word
as it marches onward to the day
and in its wake it sweeps aside
all friendships formed along the way.

I have lost a few friends these last few years
sickness or age an accessory
I am sad when I hear about each one
but secretly glad it was them and not me.

To those of my friends who I have known
if death has taken you as one of its own
I rejoice that I was privileged to say
You were my friend back in the day.

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