July 4th, what does it mean to you?

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The Second Continental Congress(Photo credit: Wikipedia

July 4th what is this day, what does it mean, what do others say
most Americans and others too see it as a day of rest, a day they can celebrate
and play and so instead of work for most today is a holiday.

History shows that on July 2 in 1776, the Second Continental Congress declared
that it was time to end the war against the British, which had gone on long enough
so Independence was declared from King George 111, who at that time
the ruler was of Great Britain and the lands across the sea
one of which  is the land then known as the American Colonies.

On July 4th way back then, the Declaration of Independence was signed
by the Thirteen Colonies that were around at that time
in 1776 and with everything fine
they declared Independence for the very first time.
the risks were enormous for these brave men
as pen to paper they signed on  the line.

Since then July 4th as it is known is a symbol to many of greater things
when our forefathers bravely made decisions that in time
has led to this great nation we now know as the United States of America
to become the greatest nation and the World’s number one.

Franklin, Jefferson, Adams and Hancock, famous names all their signatures did add,
and fifty-two others too numerous to say, who they all were but they all signed that day
and because those brave men did take the risk of declaring Independence that other might say
Today is July 4th, our Independence Day, what shall we do in a celebratory way
shall we go to the lake our boat towed behind and drift around for others we’ll find
will have the very same idea and crowded it will be as others are boating on this special day
trying hard to celebrate in their own way.

How about a barbecue with family and friends a get together in the back yard
drink beer, cook steaks and hamburgers too as we all are determined to enjoy
our day off from work whatever it’s for a day away from the usual grind
celebrating in whatever way appeals to us all and of this we are sure
we live for today and most will forget the reason we are celebrating July 4th.

I wonder if those great men back in 1776 did envision the way
the people would mix how they would celebrate and the things they would do
with fireworks tonight as they are on the list
just as those special men way back then did take that step
for fireworks of their own did provide
as the Document they signed that gave us this day
so we can celebrate in our own way.

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This is a high-resolution image of the United States Declaration of Independence (article (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not everyone is lucky to have this day off
as trucks drive by and the pharmacy calls
come pick up your stuff we are open today
which means that others are working their service to provide
and for them no special meaning this day as that is the American Way.
or maybe the short straw they did draw or are single with no family to tie
them to a particular place or maybe from a foreign land they do come
and Americans yet have not  yet become so for them to work is a choice they will make
so that others with families and Americans all
can celebrate in their own way this special day.

Me? I am American although not here born
this country I call home for the last 45 years
has treated me well and although it can be said
to King George 111 my allegiance should be
as English in fact is originally me
back in 1976 my allegiance did declare
so that I could vote and have my say
and have the rights that is a citizen’s way
and I can say my piece for a free country is this
and freedom of speech is precious to all
in the way the country now runs things
and I think back to those great men on this day
did give me the chance my fortune to find
over here in America, the great USA.

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