Go Down in History

I was reading about some well known folks
whose lives made them famous in years gone by
all of them living in the past
they never knew the reason why
today we read about their feats
and wonder what made them the way that they were
what drove them on against all odds
with no thoughts of any retreat

Will I go down in history
I doubt very much if that man is me
as I am not famous in any way
and have accomplished nothing to say
to the rest of the world take notice of me
for I want to be part of history
so what can I do for the world to see
the next famous man is going to be me

Fame and fortune are not my lot
content and happy with what I have got
my house and a little piece of land
enough to make my life grand
my pets for company who wants more
no one knocking on my door
food on the table and a truck to drive
making everything great just being alive.

Written 7/20/2019

America, the Promised Land

The Statue of Liberty

It was exactly 52 years ago on March 13, 1967 that I and my family landed from England at New York City Harbor. The trip on the luxury liner, the Queen Mary, had lasted longer than was scheduled due to stormy weather which blew the ship off course and we missed the tide causing it to dock 12 hours later than planned.

The trip had not been uneventful as the beautiful old ship was buffeted around with stormy weather and rough seas. Our family, well the female side of it, suffered from seasickness and spent quite a bit of time in the cabin and only made rare trips for food which was a pity for them as the spread put on for the diners was out of this world. My Stepson and I had no trouble and we more than made up for for ours and their share of the meals. It was interesting to be dining and the ship would lurch and we had to grab the stuff on the table to stop it from sliding off.

We had brought out little dog, a cocker spaniel named Melody along with us and she got to stay in her own little kennel on the top deck along with several other dogs all making the trip to the promised land. We would visit her several times a day just so that she wouldn’t think we had deserted her. America does not have any quarantine laws.

The first sign and the realization of what we were about to do really hit us as we pulled into New York Harbor and saw the Statue of Liberty in all of her Glory there to welcome us. Up to that point, it was just a fun trip, except for the seasickness of course, with no idea of what exactly we had committed ourselves to do.

When we finally pulled into Pier 22 in New York Harbor, and after collecting our dog, we had to wait on the Pier before we were allowed to meet up with my Mother, who we could see behind the barricade. She was with a friend from Fort Plain who she had persuaded to make the 200 mile trip from the little village in the Mohawk Valley. That and the fact the he had a station wagon which at the time, was the biggest car I had ever seen. In all of the hurly burly of landing, we knew we were in America as everyone had a strange American accent. More than anything, this really brought it home. We collected our luggage and the couple of trunks that we had brought with us, loaded everything onto the carrier on the roof of the car and proceeded to drive back to Fort Plain at night and in the snow passing and being passed by huge tractor trailers, some hauling double trailers and travelling at 70 plus mph. I had never seen anything so big on any road before in my life. As I was not driving, I didn’t have to worry about it.

That night, it snowed 13 inches of wet messy snow. I had never seen anything more than a couple of inches before and to see that amount all at one time just added to our mixed up thoughts of what we had let ourselves in for.

That was 52 years ago and a lot has happened since then. Many in my family from that time have passed on including my Mother and Stepfather, one of my Step Daughters and my Brother. My wife of that time that made the trip with me, recently passed on. Unfortunately, we were divorced 10 years after landing, another casualty of such a huge upheaval in our lives. She was so homesick for the old country and went back. The rest of the family is spread all the way from New York State to Florida and California.

Do I regret making that trip? In some ways I would have to say yes. From such a simple beginning living way out in the English countryside to the hustle and bustle of the American way of life is a huge change and hard to get used to, all of which added to the rigors of married life and keeping the family together. On the other hand, it is great to be a part of this huge technological period which we are going through and for all of its faults, America is a very forward thinking country with all manner of “stuff” available to just about anyone. I made a good living and was able to retire quite comfortably even if it is only me and 4 little dogs. Would I make the same decision if I had to do it over? I think not. I think I would have stayed and put up with the incessant rain and bloody cold weather and lived a quiet life out in the country living in the past and to hell with technology and modern living.

Oh yes, I have never been back not even for a vacation.

Written 3/8/2019

The Thanks in Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving, painting by Jean Louis...

The First Thanksgiving, painting by Jean Louis Gerome Ferris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turkey day has come and gone
and the next to come along
is Christmas, more spiritual and yet
commercialized in every sense
more so than Thanksgiving can be
as we spend time with our families
or with friends or maybe both
celebrating this  custom old
of sharing a meal and breaking bread
although it has to be said
that turkey is the main menu instead.

Thanksgiving, as we all know
is as American as apple pie
no other countries can make the claim
that Pilgrims landed in Maine
way back in the year one six two oh
Tradition has it they gave thanks
along with the local inhabitants
in gratitude of reaching land
in safety just as they had planned.

The Indians were not to know
that this meal was all for show
as history proves in years to come
that their way of life would really change
and nothing left would be the same
but the Pilgrims had not this thought
when they broke bread on this day
as they tried hard in their own way
to befriend these native red skinned men
who they believed they needed to save
so they would try to convert these braves
into the Pilgrim way.

At least Thanksgiving is still mostly a meal
and a gathering of family and friends
of football and a celebration of sorts
and conversation and laughter as stories unfold
and friendships renewed separated by time
and space in this  wonderful country of ours.

Poetry and the need to write…

I've found a love, greater than life itself...

Image by richjjones via Flickr

My brain is working overtime
and everything is coming out rhyme
I get that way it has to be said
When important things have crossed my mind.

First, I was worried about my friends
in case their life’s journey is at an end
as I have no control over that
it’s time to move on like a rat
deserting the sinking ship, I go
look for something else to say
as life moves on its merry way.

Tomorrow a new day brings
and with it comes many new things
what is in store for me, it’s hard to say
looking in the future is not my way.

I really wish it was although not everything
I wish to see, a friend’s death, a disaster there
a fortune lost or maybe won
to see my own impending doom
is not something as it would ruin
any chance of enjoying the day
and would definitely get in the way.

Wishful thinking on my part
as I do not have the art of seeing
into the future instead
must take each day, each second
and make the most of being alive
as time marches on and I reckon
that somewhere out there is a date
with my name on it and I won’t be late

Not that I will have a choice
but even so it would be nice
to have things in order and arrangements made
so everyone that I leave behind
knows I was thinking of them at this time.
Oh by the way, I need to say
that I don’t plan on this happening today.

July 4th, what does it mean to you?

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

The Second Continental Congress(Photo credit: Wikipedia

July 4th what is this day, what does it mean, what do others say
most Americans and others too see it as a day of rest, a day they can celebrate
and play and so instead of work for most today is a holiday.

History shows that on July 2 in 1776, the Second Continental Congress declared
that it was time to end the war against the British, which had gone on long enough
so Independence was declared from King George 111, who at that time
the ruler was of Great Britain and the lands across the sea
one of which  is the land then known as the American Colonies.

On July 4th way back then, the Declaration of Independence was signed
by the Thirteen Colonies that were around at that time
in 1776 and with everything fine
they declared Independence for the very first time.
the risks were enormous for these brave men
as pen to paper they signed on  the line.

Since then July 4th as it is known is a symbol to many of greater things
when our forefathers bravely made decisions that in time
has led to this great nation we now know as the United States of America
to become the greatest nation and the World’s number one.

Franklin, Jefferson, Adams and Hancock, famous names all their signatures did add,
and fifty-two others too numerous to say, who they all were but they all signed that day
and because those brave men did take the risk of declaring Independence that other might say
Today is July 4th, our Independence Day, what shall we do in a celebratory way
shall we go to the lake our boat towed behind and drift around for others we’ll find
will have the very same idea and crowded it will be as others are boating on this special day
trying hard to celebrate in their own way.

How about a barbecue with family and friends a get together in the back yard
drink beer, cook steaks and hamburgers too as we all are determined to enjoy
our day off from work whatever it’s for a day away from the usual grind
celebrating in whatever way appeals to us all and of this we are sure
we live for today and most will forget the reason we are celebrating July 4th.

I wonder if those great men back in 1776 did envision the way
the people would mix how they would celebrate and the things they would do
with fireworks tonight as they are on the list
just as those special men way back then did take that step
for fireworks of their own did provide
as the Document they signed that gave us this day
so we can celebrate in our own way.

English: This is a high-resolution image of th...

This is a high-resolution image of the United States Declaration of Independence (article (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not everyone is lucky to have this day off
as trucks drive by and the pharmacy calls
come pick up your stuff we are open today
which means that others are working their service to provide
and for them no special meaning this day as that is the American Way.
or maybe the short straw they did draw or are single with no family to tie
them to a particular place or maybe from a foreign land they do come
and Americans yet have not  yet become so for them to work is a choice they will make
so that others with families and Americans all
can celebrate in their own way this special day.

Me? I am American although not here born
this country I call home for the last 45 years
has treated me well and although it can be said
to King George 111 my allegiance should be
as English in fact is originally me
back in 1976 my allegiance did declare
so that I could vote and have my say
and have the rights that is a citizen’s way
and I can say my piece for a free country is this
and freedom of speech is precious to all
in the way the country now runs things
and I think back to those great men on this day
did give me the chance my fortune to find
over here in America, the great USA.

When Women rule the World

As I think back on my life, my thoughts turn to the wives of whom I shared time.
There were three of them in all and each one with a fatal flaw of character
so strong that it caused differences between me and them and made it difficult to live together as  man and wife and still not get into too much strife.

It would not be fair for me to say that these women are all to blame for in all honesty I was just as guilty too and that I did my share of arguing the same with them
for fear that dominant they would become
and my role as man would change
and our life together was no more than one of servitude.

I think way back when around that time I began to recognize
that there is more to a woman than looking so fine,
not just a body beautiful and strong nor nights of bliss so divine
I recognize now the strength of her mind.

Wife number three changed my views and things were different with the news
that no longer was I head of house or sole breadwinner for my spouse
pointed out many times that her salary was equal to mine.
My wife wanted more of a say in the way things were run from day-to-day
and slowly but surely did become at least in our house, number one

I don’t know why I’m writing this as I did not intend to be so down
after all, life is good for me and I should say I would not want it any other way
with wives long gone and no more grief I am the one in the driver’s seat.

With not even a wife, to add to the strife they are experts at double meanings.
On the one hand beauty and joy can they bring to a man in moments of song
at other times if they do not agree, they can make life a misery
as with their subtleties of thought and deed, they make it difficult to proceed
in a normal and objective way.

There are times it’s true to say when I wish it had turned out a different way
Women I like to be around and yet I have not found
anything better than the love they offer and the care and the comfort
in times of bliss but needless to say it’s not always like this
and then I think of the other side where meekness and agreement no longer reside
as women have come way too far for this and the days gone by that used to be bliss
are now  nothing but a memory, dreaming of things that used to be
and things will never be the same as women have developed both their brain and their mind to the degree that Man no longer equal can be.

They do not use physical force as at that they would probably lose
as man is the stronger most of the time but what they do is play with his mind
and life can be so uncomfortable then that the male will usually give in
and without a single blow being struck, the woman has got  her way again
to add to her list of battles won all with the subtleties of her mind.

Now take that action on a grander scale
and have women of the world prevail
in larger conflicts other than home and have them collectively speak out against all that is wrong in this world today.

Only then in such a way that the men who may be physically
strong will realize they do not belong and are not in the same league as women who have banded together
not to play but with thought alone and no physical action
the women can rule not just the home but further their horizons will spread
until the men eventually will admit that second class citizens they have become
as women with their minds alone will be masters of this world as one.
This is way in the future it has to be said not in my lifetime for I will be dead
but the action most feared by man will arrive and women will be top dogs and survive.

Fear not for man will still have his use as the kids of the world they will help reproduce
and be stay at home Moms and look after the house and do the chores as meek as a mouse
to soccer practice the kids they will drive while the women will be keeping them alive
and all this will happen to mankind because women have the stronger mind
and have learned the power of its use as collectively they took over man
until he in turn, answered to them.

In the future a  new struggle will evolve the reverse of the one happening now
men will be looking for equality as women will the bosses be
and men will emulate the women of old for their position in life to find
and in the world the men will try to dominate woman the way
they used to in a different day.

Women on the other hand will be the masters of all they can see
and conflicts between Nations will cease as women agree
where men just fought until the time
when one woman will change her mind
and disagree with the others around
and back we will be in conflict this time
no longer in harmony.

As women who now rule mankind
will not be satisfied until they find
a way to rule each others minds.

And so the circle continues….

Fish and the facts of life



Just when I thought they were all through
the Koi are at it again and anew
chasing each other around the pond
males beating on anything in female form.
It is such a dramatic way to mate
and all of this just for the sake to continue the line and babies make.

This is not the way for humans to act
although maybe it was way back in the day
when humans walked upright for the very first time
and the only way to continue the line
was to bonk the female on the head
to make her submit and drag her to bed
or wherever else the act took place
as man ruled the roost way back in the day
and women were there for the male to play
flexing his muscles and other parts too
with a brain so small he hadn’t a clue
that the act he was doing was part of the plan
to continue the line of women and man.

I have a friend who has read my rhymes
and compares the Koi to her man who appears
at times to want to revert to the way
that cavemen acted back in the day
and tries to dominate her by his strength
although, no bonk on the head to date
in an effort for him to mate.
She lets him think that he is boss
and has got his way because he is male
but the truth of the matter is
he fulfills her need when she desires
but lets him think he won the day
for this is the woman’s way.

Times have changed from back in the day
the man no longer has his way
for women no longer submit to his whim
and in truth, the dominate ones have become
if they say no, or a headache I have
the male can no longer resort to force
as truth to be told, the women rule
and men know this as they are no fool
the only way for them to succeed
is to be nice and know that it matter not
what they would like to believe cares not one jot
that in this modern-day the women rule
and the truth is, the man is the tool
for all the things that they want that requires a mate
can only be had for the womans sake.

Clever they are in how they succeed
allowing the male to honestly believe
that he has one over on the lady of his life
whether she be a good friend or his wife
the only way the male will get by
or even wish for the joy and the day
when he feels that he has got his way
for foolish it is for the man to say
Look at me for here in my house
I rule the roost, for I am King
I can do most anything
as long as my wife say’s it’s OK
for me to be Boss just for today.

And the cycle starts all over again