Times Have Changed…

The words are so true…

Times have changed from long ago
as things have not always been so
different as they are today
as the people are subject in so many ways
to outside influences beyond their spheres
which they believe and add to their fears
that the world as they know it has come to an end
and the future that lays around the bend
is not one that is rosy and full of light
but instead of gloom and full of fright
with politicians lying to get their vote
promising the world while the other bloke
is saying don’t believe what they say
come vote for me and do it my way
I will make you rich and the better you’ll be
if you just believe in me
the truth of the matter is really quite clear
that nothing matters as long as we hold dear
our simple beliefs in family and friends
who will still be with us right to the end
it matters not at the end of the day
whatever it is that politicians say
as they are only looking to gain
your vote as on their way to fame
but the simple truth of what it may be
that it really comes down to family
and friends and neighbors and those that are close
for they are the ones that matter the most
as we go through these difficult times
together we will survive and climb
out of this mess of politics and virus
and back to the world of normalcy and promise
where humankind and animals live side by side
and global warming is left far behind
and man can agree with his fellow man
and wars have been buried deep in the sand
who am I kidding it will never be
this is what we know as our normalcy
man fighting man it has always been
corrupt politicians caring nothing of sin
as they line their pockets amid the din
of cries from the masses of how they would like
to share in the wealth and get a bite
of the cherry dangling so far above
well out of their reach as they push and shove
each other in the mistaken belief
that they will be rich and they will be chief
no one ever said that life was fair
and what it takes to get your share
of wealth and power if that’s your desire
and having the means for this to acquire
for most of the world this is just not the case
and because we belong to the human race
there will always be those that acquire the wealth
whether by honest means or by stealth
and the rest of us will go about our lives
happy if we can just survive
knowing that riches are far far away
but dreaming is free as we work and play
happy in life just to be able
to put food upon the table
caring for our family and for our friends
who will be with us until the end
knowing that we did our best
and hopefully we passed the test
of being just a good person at heart
for that it really where it all starts
love one another and your neighbor too
with a world at peace we will all accrue
all the wealth that we need to see us through
and so my friends enough for today
as I need to go on my way
leaving with you my innermost thoughts
with hopes of happiness and not be distraught
as Christmas is coming so be of good cheer
here’s to the end of this difficult year…

Written 12/8/2020