I need more time off…


Health and the cost

Well, the fourth is gone and what comes next
back to work for people who are vexed that the rest of the week
they did not take off, probably should have managed their time
and not snuck in days here and there
because they wanted to play hookey and get away
from having to work for just one day.

How about sick, that sometimes works well
a day to take when the body is “tired”
and just needs a break from the regular grind
and the next holiday is still months away.
Get the wife or girlfriend to call in for you
tell them you have a touch of the flu and need a day off
to recover this time, “I’m sure tomorrow he’ll be fine”.

Your boss is not dumb it has to be said, he’s heard it before
and knows full well that you are not really sick
so a record to keep of the fact that you called
and that someone else your job will do
re-arrange the schedule and find someone who
can fill the void because you have the flu.

He has been there too and knows the score
and is willing to play the game once more
as he reflects what the problem may be
and how it affects productivity because for him your absence
this time is costing him money from his bottom line.

Human nature is really a funny thing
the chances we take just on a whim
we could lose our job but probably not this time
it will be there tomorrow when to work we return
and things will go smooth until the next time
that another day off we will take out of line.

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