My Wonderful Veterinary Clinic.

BeBe in the middle of the jungle that is my garden.

One of my little dogs got sick and was moping around and not herself
so for a couple of days I checked and waited in the hope that
a trip to the Vet’s would not a necessity be in order to bring her back to health.

Alas for it was not to be as she did not improve with time
if anything her condition got worse and out of bed she refused to climb
eating she stopped which is not her way as one thing she always did a lot
was to finish her food and look for more even though in the end I stopped
giving her extra as weight she was adding to her little body it did not look good
so like Weight Watchers, my little dog on a diet was placed
and her treats were rationed and replaced with more exercise
of which she enjoyed as she would chase after her toys.

This was done some time ago so I knew it had nothing to do
with her currently not feeling well so something else was the problem here.
I picked up the phone and called my Vet and Cyndi recognized my name
“How are you today” she politely asked “and what is it we can do for you?”

For those of you who have followed my tales will remember when
I wrote about another of my pets, Mini who unfortunately
was beyond our help and sadly we had to say goodbye and I took her home
and buried her deep as she sleeps her everlasting sleep
next to her friend Manley.

Both are buried in the yard out in the garden so peaceful and still
with small statues of their breed above to watch over them until
others will join them for that is the way I like to remember all of my pets
who over the years have been faithful to me so that we do not forget.


An appointment I made with Cyndi that day and Be Be and I went on our way to visit  our friends at the Veterinary Clinic so that Dr Varga could check and see what he thought was wrong with Be Be.

Diagnosing an illness in a pet is a lot more difficult that one would expect
as animals have no way to help and it’s the skill of the Doctor that will find out what is troubling the animal and given the signs in this case
teeth cleaning was top of the list followed by an ultrasound of her tummy to see if her gall bladder was infected as the Doctor suspected
that in all probability that’s what the problem would be.

Dr. Vargas’ diagnosis proved correct as her gall bladder was a terrible mess all cloudy and messy where it should be clean and clear for the Doctor to see
that it’s removal was needed in order for Be Be to start to feel better and her old self to be.

So with heavy heart my little friend I did leave in the hopes that everything
would turn out OK as complications have been known to set in
any time that surgery is performed.

Later that day Dr.. Varga did call to give me the news that Be Be was fine
and that overnight she would need to stay in order to recover from the way
her small body would take the shock of losing a part whether needed or not.

The next day to the Office happily I did drive because my friend was very much alive
and waiting for me to pick her up and take her home so that she could be
back with her extended family who at the door did welcome her back
and sniffed around as if to say “Glad your here, do you plan to stay?”

Keeping the critters out

Be Be is her old self again, trucking around the yard and sniffing the ground
recognizing the smells of her special places as she runs with Richie
as the two of them go, hunting for rats but settling instead on lizards and frogs
on their short legs just acting like dogs and guarding the place as the sign says.

One week later we had to return so a check of Be Be’s health could be made.
This time Dr. Hurwitz checked her and declared that she was recovering just as he said.

Dr Hurwitz and I go back  a long way as my Vet he has been for many years
even when I was still married then he treated our pets although different ones
and that was almost 20 years ago as time marches and does not go slow.

My friends at the Vets have come through again
working their magic for those who I care
making them feel better and helping me through the difficult times
Dr’s. Hurwitz, Donop, Varga have all
been involved in some special way with my group
of pets, helped by others who in no particular order
Jillian and Shannon, Cyndi and Trish, Pam and Jeremy are who I can name,
there may be more of this I am not sure but my thanks goes out to one and all.

With recognition and thanks to Austin Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital at Oak Springs in Austin, Texas

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