Leading a Bachelor’s life

and all it can bring…

Sitting here too hot to roam
or go outside and hike in the sun
instead writing about my life
free of strife as I have no wife
although I do have to admit
that not having one with me is a fit
as I do not share my life very well
by not falling under their spell
a typical bachelor’s life for me
and has been for a quarter century
and I have enjoyed the single life
because it has not had the strife
that living with others does present
a selfish man but so content
please I beg of you don’t get me wrong
I like girls but where they belong
which is not living along with me
but in their own space happy and free
it can be said that I’m already too old
for the physical pleasures that girls behold
with their beauty and grace and looks so sublime
promises of having a wonderful time
alas their beauty is all I can see
as the passing of time has caught up with me
my flesh is weak is all I can say
but the spirit is willing for some other way
it’s hell growing old it has to be said
so many things that no longer can do
but at least I have memories of years gone by
things that I can no longer try
and even though the spirit is willing
the flesh has grown weak and the passions are chilling.

Written 8/30/2019

What is Love?



What is love, I ask myself
how is it measured from day-to-day
there has got to be a way
but I cannot for the life of me say
just what that may be for all I know
people are so different and yet
the one thing we all strive to get
is love though it may not be the same
for one as it’s all a game.

Most people think of love as being
between a man and a woman
and there are others too that
love one another just as much
like the ones that have the opposite touch.

Is the love they have  any different from
that between a woman and man
if to them it wondrous be then they
have found just what the rest
of humanity strives to best.

I love my dogs, is that the same
or are we talking a different love
can the love I feel for all of my pets
compare to that of the human kind
to me, as I have no wife
as they caused me so much strife
and the love I had for them back then
disappeared as the years wore on
until nothing was left of that wonderful song.

You could say that the love we have
for very close friends and others too
who we will never live with or worse
is that the same as the original verse
or is that love of a different kind
for different reasons it is defined

What about the children we have
is our love for them any different from
that we have for our Mom and Dad
because they are of our own flesh and blood
does that make it a stronger love.

Does the love our children have for us
train them so they will find
love of their own of a different kind
when they meet that certain one
who will fire up the torch
that they will burn not understanding
what is happening to them.

All of these questions keep floating around
in my brain as I try to fathom it out
for me I tried and it didn’t work out
so does that make me a different man

Instead I have found that I love life
especially without a wife
for even though they claim to love
it’s too big a price to pay
as I could not do things my way.

I thought years ago I was part of the plan
and took a wife as most people do
but before we had gotten very far
things had changed and in its place without hope
that things would ever be the same.

I love chocolate and Italian food
and working out when I’m in the mood
I used to love to run
and it was always a lot of fun
tearing around the soccer field
at breakneck speed not wanting to yield
to anyone who was willing to try
to take on this loving guy.

Team sports teaches you that you are
part of a group for reasons unclear
is it because of the sport that you play
or maybe you just need the brotherhood
of playing together as a group
and do you love them because this troop
of athletes and friends have bonded real close
for whom you would give your most
and is this sort of love any different than
that between a woman and a man.

I guess what I am asking here
has been asked again for many a year
does anyone have an answer yet
or will I have to continue to try
to get the answer by and by
not that it matters much
for life for me has passed on by
all these years that I have searched
have all gone by in the blink of an eye.

If love is such a powerful thing
and can shape the way we live
and at the time it is so strong that
forever would describe the scene
and yet it takes very little it seems
for it to crumble like our dreams.

I just thought of another case
when love can be used but just a taste
let it be said that this time it’s clear
that this sort of love is different from
the other we have been talking about
with this sort of love you can scream and shout
so there will be no doubt
that of all the teams I could view
the one I love is Man U.

Manchester United

Manchester United


Sequel to When Women rule the World

Women on the MarchI opened up a can of worms for daring to suggest
that women would the masters be somewhere that is best
left for time to decide but one thing I am sure
that men regardless of the fight will masters be no more.

For those of you who do not believe you only need to look
at what is happening in your home your maleness that you took
for granted is in doubt as your wife is beginning to find you out
and is questioning things more and more, things that were never questioned before
as in the early days of marital bliss there was nothing that was amiss
but now the honeymoon has gone and with it the strengths that you relied on.

All over the world this fight goes on, women are demanding more
and yet some men without a doubt do not intend for women to flout
anything they may have won in their fight for it is not done nor is it
finished just barely begun.

In countries that more modern be the fight is about equality
equal pay for equal work advancement that is earned in kind
by the brilliance of her mind and not because a number she
to fill a quota or worse yet to satisfy some other cause that in the end
will prove too difficult for her to tend.

Equal pay for equal work:  follow the debate live

Equal pay for equal work: 

Some men want things to remain the same as second class citizens every one
their place is at home babies to mind, they should not be out where others can find
that they have views and opinions too and in many cases speak the truth
of what women can give in this masculine world as they advance with flags unfurled.

Those men fear the thing I wrote that women sometime eventually
will be the leaders in society and those same men fear the worst
as no longer control they will have in the lives of these women who are their wives.

Rise up you men and take your place and decide where you are in this race
are you satisfied the way things are, do you wish less aggressive your wife to be
would you like her to act more romantically and forget this nonsense
she has in her mind to take over the world and be one of a kind
or would you prefer that a leader she be to take over from you in eternity
as the head of the house, Queen of her throne as she is the leader of you and your home.

Whatever you want it matters not as women will take their place in this world
and regardless of any fight you may have the women will win
and you will become, the second class citizen to their number one.

The outcome of such a stupendous event of women in charge
is that men will relent in their claim to be masters and in fact will be
nothing more than servants and chattels and at the same time their bidding
will do without complaint or malice as only too glad are they
to be included in this new day.

When Women rule the World

As I think back on my life, my thoughts turn to the wives of whom I shared time.
There were three of them in all and each one with a fatal flaw of character
so strong that it caused differences between me and them and made it difficult to live together as  man and wife and still not get into too much strife.

It would not be fair for me to say that these women are all to blame for in all honesty I was just as guilty too and that I did my share of arguing the same with them
for fear that dominant they would become
and my role as man would change
and our life together was no more than one of servitude.

I think way back when around that time I began to recognize
that there is more to a woman than looking so fine,
not just a body beautiful and strong nor nights of bliss so divine
I recognize now the strength of her mind.

Wife number three changed my views and things were different with the news
that no longer was I head of house or sole breadwinner for my spouse
pointed out many times that her salary was equal to mine.
My wife wanted more of a say in the way things were run from day-to-day
and slowly but surely did become at least in our house, number one

I don’t know why I’m writing this as I did not intend to be so down
after all, life is good for me and I should say I would not want it any other way
with wives long gone and no more grief I am the one in the driver’s seat.

With not even a wife, to add to the strife they are experts at double meanings.
On the one hand beauty and joy can they bring to a man in moments of song
at other times if they do not agree, they can make life a misery
as with their subtleties of thought and deed, they make it difficult to proceed
in a normal and objective way.

There are times it’s true to say when I wish it had turned out a different way
Women I like to be around and yet I have not found
anything better than the love they offer and the care and the comfort
in times of bliss but needless to say it’s not always like this
and then I think of the other side where meekness and agreement no longer reside
as women have come way too far for this and the days gone by that used to be bliss
are now  nothing but a memory, dreaming of things that used to be
and things will never be the same as women have developed both their brain and their mind to the degree that Man no longer equal can be.

They do not use physical force as at that they would probably lose
as man is the stronger most of the time but what they do is play with his mind
and life can be so uncomfortable then that the male will usually give in
and without a single blow being struck, the woman has got  her way again
to add to her list of battles won all with the subtleties of her mind.

Now take that action on a grander scale
and have women of the world prevail
in larger conflicts other than home and have them collectively speak out against all that is wrong in this world today.

Only then in such a way that the men who may be physically
strong will realize they do not belong and are not in the same league as women who have banded together
not to play but with thought alone and no physical action
the women can rule not just the home but further their horizons will spread
until the men eventually will admit that second class citizens they have become
as women with their minds alone will be masters of this world as one.
This is way in the future it has to be said not in my lifetime for I will be dead
but the action most feared by man will arrive and women will be top dogs and survive.

Fear not for man will still have his use as the kids of the world they will help reproduce
and be stay at home Moms and look after the house and do the chores as meek as a mouse
to soccer practice the kids they will drive while the women will be keeping them alive
and all this will happen to mankind because women have the stronger mind
and have learned the power of its use as collectively they took over man
until he in turn, answered to them.

In the future a  new struggle will evolve the reverse of the one happening now
men will be looking for equality as women will the bosses be
and men will emulate the women of old for their position in life to find
and in the world the men will try to dominate woman the way
they used to in a different day.

Women on the other hand will be the masters of all they can see
and conflicts between Nations will cease as women agree
where men just fought until the time
when one woman will change her mind
and disagree with the others around
and back we will be in conflict this time
no longer in harmony.

As women who now rule mankind
will not be satisfied until they find
a way to rule each others minds.

And so the circle continues….

Fish and the facts of life



Just when I thought they were all through
the Koi are at it again and anew
chasing each other around the pond
males beating on anything in female form.
It is such a dramatic way to mate
and all of this just for the sake to continue the line and babies make.

This is not the way for humans to act
although maybe it was way back in the day
when humans walked upright for the very first time
and the only way to continue the line
was to bonk the female on the head
to make her submit and drag her to bed
or wherever else the act took place
as man ruled the roost way back in the day
and women were there for the male to play
flexing his muscles and other parts too
with a brain so small he hadn’t a clue
that the act he was doing was part of the plan
to continue the line of women and man.

I have a friend who has read my rhymes
and compares the Koi to her man who appears
at times to want to revert to the way
that cavemen acted back in the day
and tries to dominate her by his strength
although, no bonk on the head to date
in an effort for him to mate.
She lets him think that he is boss
and has got his way because he is male
but the truth of the matter is
he fulfills her need when she desires
but lets him think he won the day
for this is the woman’s way.

Times have changed from back in the day
the man no longer has his way
for women no longer submit to his whim
and in truth, the dominate ones have become
if they say no, or a headache I have
the male can no longer resort to force
as truth to be told, the women rule
and men know this as they are no fool
the only way for them to succeed
is to be nice and know that it matter not
what they would like to believe cares not one jot
that in this modern-day the women rule
and the truth is, the man is the tool
for all the things that they want that requires a mate
can only be had for the womans sake.

Clever they are in how they succeed
allowing the male to honestly believe
that he has one over on the lady of his life
whether she be a good friend or his wife
the only way the male will get by
or even wish for the joy and the day
when he feels that he has got his way
for foolish it is for the man to say
Look at me for here in my house
I rule the roost, for I am King
I can do most anything
as long as my wife say’s it’s OK
for me to be Boss just for today.

And the cycle starts all over again