When Women rule the World

As I think back on my life, my thoughts turn to the wives of whom I shared time.
There were three of them in all and each one with a fatal flaw of character
so strong that it caused differences between me and them and made it difficult to live together as  man and wife and still not get into too much strife.

It would not be fair for me to say that these women are all to blame for in all honesty I was just as guilty too and that I did my share of arguing the same with them
for fear that dominant they would become
and my role as man would change
and our life together was no more than one of servitude.

I think way back when around that time I began to recognize
that there is more to a woman than looking so fine,
not just a body beautiful and strong nor nights of bliss so divine
I recognize now the strength of her mind.

Wife number three changed my views and things were different with the news
that no longer was I head of house or sole breadwinner for my spouse
pointed out many times that her salary was equal to mine.
My wife wanted more of a say in the way things were run from day-to-day
and slowly but surely did become at least in our house, number one

I don’t know why I’m writing this as I did not intend to be so down
after all, life is good for me and I should say I would not want it any other way
with wives long gone and no more grief I am the one in the driver’s seat.

With not even a wife, to add to the strife they are experts at double meanings.
On the one hand beauty and joy can they bring to a man in moments of song
at other times if they do not agree, they can make life a misery
as with their subtleties of thought and deed, they make it difficult to proceed
in a normal and objective way.

There are times it’s true to say when I wish it had turned out a different way
Women I like to be around and yet I have not found
anything better than the love they offer and the care and the comfort
in times of bliss but needless to say it’s not always like this
and then I think of the other side where meekness and agreement no longer reside
as women have come way too far for this and the days gone by that used to be bliss
are now  nothing but a memory, dreaming of things that used to be
and things will never be the same as women have developed both their brain and their mind to the degree that Man no longer equal can be.

They do not use physical force as at that they would probably lose
as man is the stronger most of the time but what they do is play with his mind
and life can be so uncomfortable then that the male will usually give in
and without a single blow being struck, the woman has got  her way again
to add to her list of battles won all with the subtleties of her mind.

Now take that action on a grander scale
and have women of the world prevail
in larger conflicts other than home and have them collectively speak out against all that is wrong in this world today.

Only then in such a way that the men who may be physically
strong will realize they do not belong and are not in the same league as women who have banded together
not to play but with thought alone and no physical action
the women can rule not just the home but further their horizons will spread
until the men eventually will admit that second class citizens they have become
as women with their minds alone will be masters of this world as one.
This is way in the future it has to be said not in my lifetime for I will be dead
but the action most feared by man will arrive and women will be top dogs and survive.

Fear not for man will still have his use as the kids of the world they will help reproduce
and be stay at home Moms and look after the house and do the chores as meek as a mouse
to soccer practice the kids they will drive while the women will be keeping them alive
and all this will happen to mankind because women have the stronger mind
and have learned the power of its use as collectively they took over man
until he in turn, answered to them.

In the future a  new struggle will evolve the reverse of the one happening now
men will be looking for equality as women will the bosses be
and men will emulate the women of old for their position in life to find
and in the world the men will try to dominate woman the way
they used to in a different day.

Women on the other hand will be the masters of all they can see
and conflicts between Nations will cease as women agree
where men just fought until the time
when one woman will change her mind
and disagree with the others around
and back we will be in conflict this time
no longer in harmony.

As women who now rule mankind
will not be satisfied until they find
a way to rule each others minds.

And so the circle continues….