Sequel to When Women rule the World

Women on the MarchI opened up a can of worms for daring to suggest
that women would the masters be somewhere that is best
left for time to decide but one thing I am sure
that men regardless of the fight will masters be no more.

For those of you who do not believe you only need to look
at what is happening in your home your maleness that you took
for granted is in doubt as your wife is beginning to find you out
and is questioning things more and more, things that were never questioned before
as in the early days of marital bliss there was nothing that was amiss
but now the honeymoon has gone and with it the strengths that you relied on.

All over the world this fight goes on, women are demanding more
and yet some men without a doubt do not intend for women to flout
anything they may have won in their fight for it is not done nor is it
finished just barely begun.

In countries that more modern be the fight is about equality
equal pay for equal work advancement that is earned in kind
by the brilliance of her mind and not because a number she
to fill a quota or worse yet to satisfy some other cause that in the end
will prove too difficult for her to tend.

Equal pay for equal work:  follow the debate live

Equal pay for equal work: 

Some men want things to remain the same as second class citizens every one
their place is at home babies to mind, they should not be out where others can find
that they have views and opinions too and in many cases speak the truth
of what women can give in this masculine world as they advance with flags unfurled.

Those men fear the thing I wrote that women sometime eventually
will be the leaders in society and those same men fear the worst
as no longer control they will have in the lives of these women who are their wives.

Rise up you men and take your place and decide where you are in this race
are you satisfied the way things are, do you wish less aggressive your wife to be
would you like her to act more romantically and forget this nonsense
she has in her mind to take over the world and be one of a kind
or would you prefer that a leader she be to take over from you in eternity
as the head of the house, Queen of her throne as she is the leader of you and your home.

Whatever you want it matters not as women will take their place in this world
and regardless of any fight you may have the women will win
and you will become, the second class citizen to their number one.

The outcome of such a stupendous event of women in charge
is that men will relent in their claim to be masters and in fact will be
nothing more than servants and chattels and at the same time their bidding
will do without complaint or malice as only too glad are they
to be included in this new day.