Passing Time

A Peaceful Pond

Another day is almost gone
as we stay home to fight this thing
the virus is ready to infect us all
follow the rules which are very small
stay home but if you have to leave
to go to the store for groceries and such
stay six feet apart and others don’t touch
no handshakes, no hugs a simple hello
and on your way you finally go
wear a mask to cover your nose and your mouth
to stop the germs from them to you
and as it works both in reciprocal ways
they too are grateful for what you do
together we can beat this thing
by following a few simple rules
wash your hands and your face several times a day
and wash the germs completely away
keep your distance from others stay six feet apart
better yet stay home a very good start
together we can beat this germ
and life back to normal will return.

Written 5/20/2020

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