Staring at a Blank Page

Simple Beauty

Sitting here staring at a blank page
waiting for something to emerge
an idea or two to brighten my mind
words to write of the funny kind.

Instead I stare and stare at that page
and see nothing but space where there should be a line
of verse or even a story or two
it’s as though my brain hasn’t a clue.

It seems the thoughts have all dried up
and will not flow as they have before
the words that I write are hard to rhyme
it feels like I am wasting my time.

I wonder why my thoughts are dense
and I’m not able to bring them to life
could it be my mind’s in retreat
too tired and weary even to speak.

Or maybe because of the times that we live
with a virus ready to kill us all
we stay at home where it is deemed safe
and only go out and no risks we take.

We wear a mask to cover our face
to keep the germs from spreading our way
and stand no closer that six feet apart
the distance deemed safe at least for a start.

This Covid-19 is so very unknown
an antidote is still in the works
and until it is made and the world can be clear
stay at home, find a task and be of good cheer.

You may think that yours is a frustrating life
with this terrible disease creating distress
think of the many who have lost the fight
even though they faced it with all of their might.

They would change with you in an instant
to have their life back and do it again
instead they are buried deep in the ground
and their spirits on earth can no longer be found.

Follow the rules if you want to live
spend time at home with those that you love
think of them when you have the desire
to go out and party and socially rewire.

We can together beat this thing
it will not last forever so give it a chance
wear a mask, keep your distance is all it will take
and the patience it needs for everyone’s sake.

Written 5/20/2020

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