Another birthday has come and gone
just as it did last year
I hope that I can carry on
and next years will also appear
for each birthday represents a date
of time that is passing away
never ever to be regained
time lost with each passing day
I suppose that lost is not the right word
as memories we have gained
in all of those years that are now gone
none have ever been the same
each giving us a glimpse of wonders good and bad
as we go through life some happy and others sad
I have been on this earth for eighty three years
with all of it’s ups and downs
and I would like to see so many more
before the end is found
how many more birthdays will I see
how many years to add
how much more of Nature to enjoy
and memories both good and bad
of one thing I am very sure no matter what the end
the life I have lived is mine alone and for this I would like it extend
if I could ever do it again many changes I would make
but only in the way I lived not the person to forsake
for that man turned out alright the best that he could be
just an ordinary working guy enjoying life’s mysteries.

Written 2/4/2019

9 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my pond lover! And many happy returns of this day. Ooh your days! Are you asking how many more birthdays you gonna see? who knows? you may never know with lots of surprise birthdays to come. There was a man in India who was discovered to be 185 years old. All his children, grand children, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren had already died, he was the only generation left. And he even said this “Death has forgotten me.” Poor man he was tired of living. There was only one person who was very young and knew he was around, he helped looked after him. And please ask no questions how many more birthdays hahahah. You many never know. I might one day see your picture in a newspaper that you are well over 140 years old. But never mind, I will be more than happy to share your news beyond the news papers hahahah LOL!!! I would be happy that my pond bloggy friend is still living and young – what a laugh! ooh well, may I wish you a wonderful weekend! And keep away from that silly snake! Juli!

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