End of the Year…

Father-Time-and-Baby-Time-Shaking-HandsWe are almost at the end of this year
and one year closer to death I fear
of which we are reminded in so many ways
how immortal we are not here to stay
as life can be so fickle and short
no control of the length I have to report
that being healthy does not guarantee
of any form of sickness you will be free
or that at the very end
the Grim Reaper will not be your friend
alas with the passing of time
the body grows old and does decline
and things that were so easy to do
are much more difficult like tying a shoe
or walking the dog or working in the yard
all of these become very hard
as the body grows feeble and the muscles decline
you know you are getting close to the time
when you take that last breath of air
and the Doctor declares you are no longer here
put in a box and into the ground
and life’s full circle has come around.

grim reaper

Written 12/27/2017

6 thoughts on “End of the Year…

  1. Jeez, Frank, such happy thoughts.

    At least we’re here to complain about the slowness and the aches and pains. I Just focus on what I can do that my friends who are the same age or younger can’t do. You should be doing the same. Do you know any other people your age that do the things that you do?




  2. If you are interested you could buy the powdered isolate (from CBDistillery), which is cheaper but still quite effective; you can mix it with canola oil. You would have to buy 2oz dropper bottles from eBay to put the cbd and oil in (to then easily dispense). 1 Gram of isolate to 2oz of oil. (Canola has less saturated fat than Olive.)

    Best is the 1000mg Full Spectrum Tincture. Put 2 drops or so on a teaspoon, swipe it up with your index finger, and place it sublingually (under your tongue with finger).

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