After The Snow…

The sun shines and the snow is gone
all that is left is to carry on
cleaning up the mess that the frost has left
even though briefly her touch was deft
plants are shriveled up and dead
leaving behind a mess instead
that I will need to clean up its true
just as I always have to do
when Mother Nature comes calling around
in the shape of frosts that know no bounds
freezing all of the tender plants
none of which have a chance
against the freezing tendrils of the frost
everything she touches is surely lost
If we get just one frost every year
covering the plants with it’s icy veneer
the plants all die and I am left
to clean up the mess although bereft
of any form of feeling it’s true
as this is the cycle that I view
year after year this is the way
Nature replenishes as she has her say
and in the Spring new plants will grow
and live long and strong till the next winters blow.

Written 12/9/2017

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