Austin Pond Society 22nd Annual Tour – N13, N14


N13 Michele and Steve

In the shade of gorgeous oak trees, the 8-year-old pond is the highlight of this comfy backyard retreat, which has earned a designation of Certified Wildlife Habitat. The 5,500-gallon pond is home to koi, comets, a giant albino catfish, leopard frogs and the occasional water snake. The yard also has two mini ponds with happy purple, yellow and multicolor lilies. Walk around the pond and notice the attention to detail that has been taken to make it look natural—hard surfaces covered with weeping fig, meandering pathways and varied elevations. Also found here: a grill pavilion with an ingenious bottle wall, fairy gardens, whimsical yard art (can you find the Elvis gnome?), a fire pit and a beautiful large purple wisteria.

N14 Betty and Ralph – Leander


The backyard is a wonderful outdoor living room, complete with ceiling fans hanging from the trees above the dining table and bar. Soothing sounds emanate from the tall waterfall as it tumbles into the 12 x 9 ft rubber-lined pond nestled in the rock patio. The huge old oak tree has been identified as an Indian Marker tree used by Native Americans to mark the way and is estimated to be between 125 and 200 years old. Plants throughout the yard attract birds and butterflies. On the left a curved white stone greenhouse/potting shed (affectionately called “The Alamo”) was carefully built around the oak tree as a place to store garden supplies and protect tender plants in the winter. Ask Betty how she got the materials for the greenhouse to her home. Landscape lighting front and back allow enjoyment of the area after dark. Lots to see here, so spend the time to take it all in.

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