Austin Pond Society 22nd Annual Tour – N11


N11 Kirk and Xenia

Back on the tour after several years, this 1,500-gallon pond is now 10 years old and is the centerpiece of a relaxing oasis. It features numerous yellow, pink and white lilies, cannas and other water plants. A small waterfall and bridge highlight the pond. A statue of a boy sits at the edge of the pond watching the large koi, wondering, “Where is my fishing pole?” The bead filter continues to provide crystal-clear water and the skimmer box keeps floating debris out of the pond. The outdoor kitchen on the left is framed by a jasmine arbor. If you’re brave, you can view the pond from the tree-house that overlooks the backyard!

As with all of these slides, if you click on any one of them it will enlarge and then use the side arrows to move the pictures along. Press  “Escape” to get back to normal.

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