Thoughts on Rain in Texas

Spring Flowers

The sun came out and I took a drive
tired of being penned inside
not used to seeing so much rain
fall in our part of the plain
this is Texas the sunburned State
known for the heat and not for the rain
so used to the sun that in normal times
we bypass Spring no choice of ours
as we miss out on all of the flowers
instead we go straight to 100 degrees
for days and days that run into weeks
and then when finally we reach the Fall
and cooler weather to help us all
get through a short winter with barely a frost
but wait as not all is lost
as we hit 100 degrees once more
that is until this winter just gone
with lots of rain to hurry things on
no frost to kill the old growth off
everything green right from the start
and rain, lots of rain to do it’s part
so even though I can’t get outside
to stay indoors as I try to hide
my frustration as seeing so much rain
not letting me do what I want to do
gardening and ponding and hiking too
but wait, all I need is to give it a chance
and Nature will change as it always does
and before long I will hit the trails
walking along in the heat of the sun.

You gotta love that Texas weather….

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