Austin Pond Society 22nd Annual Tour – S1, S2, S3

I have listed the ponds in the same order as in the program although tour participants  were not restricted to it. In fact, I actually started from S10 and worked my way back into town. Apologies to you Volunteers who were not included but it  was all a matter of timing (morning or afternoon). Only one time was I in the right place to take pictures of the change from the morning shift to the afternoon shift.



S1.    Jeff and Janice – Central Austin

If you’re looking for an absolutely perfect small pond in a beautifully shaded setting, this site is for you. The 1,100-gallon pond has an EPDM liner and is constructed of slabs of softly colored limestone. The waterfall is backed with Macho fern and beautiful plantings spill over the pond edge. The garden is a classic example of the use of variety and texture, and everything was put in place by the owners. Lots of goldfish make their home in this 23-inch-deep pond, which has a nice variety of marginals, such as black taro, Sagittarius, purple and white pickerel and a huge lizard tail. This pond is a jewel in an idyllic setting

S2  Roger and Jo – Zilker Area


The front garden of this home is carpeted with a maze of native Texas plants with a very tiny area that requires mowing. The entire garden is overhung with large live oak trees, which create a shady setting. Follow the walkway around the right side of the home past a 125-gallon water tank and proceed to the backyard where you will pass the large and elaborate filter system that is used for this 12,000-gallon pond. A new limestone waterfall graces one corner of the pond and provides perfect drinking and sunbathing opportunities for doves, cardinals and frisky squirrels. The pond is filled with rainwater from a hidden 3,000-gallon tank.

S3     Chris and Alice – Westlake.


Follow the path around the left side of the property to the rear garden and make yourself comfortable on the limestone patio at the rear of this Hill Country home. Adjacent to the patio is the first of three small ponds connected by a stream, which meanders down the hillside to the 1,200-gallon pond at the base. The garden is filled with native plants, and the ponds contain iris, pickerel and other marginals. The ponds and stream, which were formed of concrete surrounded by limestone boulders, are so natural in their setting you’d think they had been there forever.

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  1. How often do you meet?
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    Do they all have ponds?
    Do any have turtles in their ponds?

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