Wasting Time

gloomy_day_by_bebewaltSitting here on a gloomy day
wondering what to do
hoping that sometime soon
the sun will come shining through.

With so many rainy days
my list is getting slim
I’ve done all of the things on it
a new one I need to begin.

The urge to write is always strong
but ideas are growing thin
I need something to write about
but don’t know what lies therein.

Another shower is passing through
as the rain comes lashing down
doesn’t look like this day will clear
enough to get anything done.

Maybe I should take a nap
always a good thing to do
then I will feel like I wasted time
of which there is so few

As I grow old and time passes by
and what’s ahead grows small
then every minute needs to be filled
and not wasted, none at all.


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