Another One of Those Gloomy Days

A gloomy and rainy day in Texas

Sitting around at my desk
and staring out of the window
looking at a dark and very grey day
with rain making things look abysmal

Everything is wet and the creeks do flow
and the temperatures is in the low forties
reminding me of England where I was born
the country I left leaving me forlorn.

The difference is that over there
this rainy weather is the norm
I left it to move to a drier state
with the heat of the sun and the rain to abate.

This will not last for very long
as the weather changes quite frequently
and tomorrow the sun will be shining again
and we can resume our activities.

Written 2/11/2020



The sky grows very dark as the storm clouds roll in
it’s going to rain which is very welcome in Texas
as there are long spells without it
and sometimes it rains very hard
and floods the land and the streets
and fills the creeks.

At first the ground is very dry
and the rain soaks in
but as it continues to pour
the ground becomes saturated
no longer absorbing the rain
as it drains.

We can always use the rain
as it rolls over dirt and rocks
and disappears into the ground
into the aquifers of the world
sustaining the life above
supporting all life with love.

Written 9/28/2017

Too Much Rain?


I was looking for something to do
my brain was acting without a clue
as the rain outside came teeming down
and the wind blew hard to add its sound
we were going through an unusual remake
of three days of rain without a break
as the hurricane moved way inland
and off to the East with its heavy rain bands
the weatherman says we are not through yet
as more of this wet stuff we will get.

Texans complain when they’re in a drought
things are dry and withered no water to spout
so a hurricane that brings lots of rain
to make things green and growing again
is a welcome site for those who hold dear
or live off the land the rain brings good cheer
usually one day is enough
two maybe and thats pushing your luck
get to three and then it is time
for rain to stop and for sun to shine.

Actually I kid a lot
as we will take any and all that you got
to fill up the lakes and rivers too
for when rain comes it’s something new
and we never know how long it will last
or how quickly it is a thing of the past
as the sun scorches down at one hundred degrees
baking the land and shading the trees
and before long you will hear people say
“Sure wish some rain was heading our way”.


Thoughts on Rain in Texas

Spring Flowers

The sun came out and I took a drive
tired of being penned inside
not used to seeing so much rain
fall in our part of the plain
this is Texas the sunburned State
known for the heat and not for the rain
so used to the sun that in normal times
we bypass Spring no choice of ours
as we miss out on all of the flowers
instead we go straight to 100 degrees
for days and days that run into weeks
and then when finally we reach the Fall
and cooler weather to help us all
get through a short winter with barely a frost
but wait as not all is lost
as we hit 100 degrees once more
that is until this winter just gone
with lots of rain to hurry things on
no frost to kill the old growth off
everything green right from the start
and rain, lots of rain to do it’s part
so even though I can’t get outside
to stay indoors as I try to hide
my frustration as seeing so much rain
not letting me do what I want to do
gardening and ponding and hiking too
but wait, all I need is to give it a chance
and Nature will change as it always does
and before long I will hit the trails
walking along in the heat of the sun.

You gotta love that Texas weather….

Thoughts on Rain

Rainy Day on the Coast

Rainy Day in Texas

Today, it is raining.

We need the rain here in Texas as we can never get enough.

Not like in England, where I came from 49 years ago.

One of the reasons for leaving was because of the incessant rain.

Three weeks of non-stop rain is enough to make anyone leave, given the opportunity.

It was not all bad. Playing soccer in the rain was fun as was playing on a wet field.

Slipping and sliding through the puddles and trying to kick the ball as it floated away.

On the days I could not work outside when it was really bad was like a holiday.

Albeit an unpaid one. Or we stayed in the shelter and played cards.

We dressed accordingly with rain slickers and wellington boots.

I hated those wellington boots. They turned your feet to mush.

You get used to working in the rain as life goes on wet or dry
Even more so when there are more wet days than dry ones.

Especially as we had no control over the weather.

We adapted accordingly.

Rain or shine.


Rain, Beautiful Rain

Rainy Day in Texas

Rainy Day in Texas

It rained at my house. So far, I have had nine inches in three days. The first night, there was a massive thunderstorm accompanied by lots of lightning and absolutely torrential rain. The next night, no thunderstorm but a long and heavy shower and today, another of the same.

The first downpour has filled the ponds to the brim but all of the overflow systems are working just fine. At least the rain has lowered the temperature of the water and the big Koi are moving around again. Now the granite paths are a different story as most of the granite is now in the dry creek area at the bottom of the garden. Looks like I will need to get busy with my trailer and haul some more in. Right now, I am so happy that I don’t mind the extra work (for the umpteenth time).

The dry creek did it’s job and became a raging torrent on the first night. The berm that I built outside of the fence re-directed the water to where it was supposed to go. The dry creek is doing what it is designed to do but there is one small problem with the cedar fence damage that I will need to replace. In the meantime, some temporary repairs will keep the dogs in the coyotes out.

And I remembered to turn off the timers to the soaker systems and it’s a lot cooler. Happy days.

When you live in Texas, it doesn’t take much to make us happy…