Rain, Beautiful Rain

Rainy Day in Texas

Rainy Day in Texas

It rained at my house. So far, I have had nine inches in three days. The first night, there was a massive thunderstorm accompanied by lots of lightning and absolutely torrential rain. The next night, no thunderstorm but a long and heavy shower and today, another of the same.

The first downpour has filled the ponds to the brim but all of the overflow systems are working just fine. At least the rain has lowered the temperature of the water and the big Koi are moving around again. Now the granite paths are a different story as most of the granite is now in the dry creek area at the bottom of the garden. Looks like I will need to get busy with my trailer and haul some more in. Right now, I am so happy that I don’t mind the extra work (for the umpteenth time).

The dry creek did it’s job and became a raging torrent on the first night. The berm that I built outside of the fence re-directed the water to where it was supposed to go. The dry creek is doing what it is designed to do but there is one small problem with the cedar fence damage that I will need to replace. In the meantime, some temporary repairs will keep the dogs in the coyotes out.

And I remembered to turn off the timers to the soaker systems and it’s a lot cooler. Happy days.

When you live in Texas, it doesn’t take much to make us happy…

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