Austin Pond Society Meeting, August 2014

APS logoThe Austin Pond Society August Meeting 2014

The Austin Pond Society held its August meeting at the Zilker Gardens Clubhouse as is our usual practice on the third Monday of the month. There were around 55 attendees who enjoyed a meal provided by our new Hospitality Chef, Laura Creaser ably assisted by her husband. The dinner consisted of assorted croissant sandwiches, cole slaw, chips and brownies with several members adding to the desert table.

Our speaker for the evening was Mike Gertgen from Tanks for Less. He instructed us in the layout, construction and management of using a rain water collection system. It was a very interesting seminar and questions from the membership came thick and fast.

The video of his seminar is below.

APS Speaker Correction August 2014 from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

Following Mike, the rest of the Austin Pond Society meeting continued. One high point was the presentation by Glen Hubenthal to Jeannie Ferrier, the Koi Person of the Year Award for her outstanding service for the APS over the preceding year as voted by the membership.

Presentation by Glen Hubenthal to Jeannie Ferrier.

Presentation by Glen Hubenthal to Jeannie Ferrier.

The rest of the meeting included discussion about the upcoming Photo Contest along with some pond business. It ended in our usual fashion of holding a draw for door prizes which always elicits much laughter and comments especially if one of the Board members happens to win.

APS Meeting August 2014 from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

The next meeting will be held on September 15 at the usual place, Zilker Gardens Meeting Room at 6:30 pm. Our chef will be away on her honeymoon so the membership will have to settle for Pizza along with any desert that the membership provides. Tough…

Hope to see you there.

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