The Nature of Life



People are their most interesting when
they get together with their friends
especially those whose likes are the same
a special group just for one thing.

Over the years in my long life
I have belonged to many such groups
all with a passion for the same thing
that brings us together from time to time.

It used to be my time was spent
on anything to do with games
preferably football of the English kind
about which we would argue as we drank our pints

Now too old to play but not to watch
and so many years spent in learning the game
I am the expert in my own mind
although my friends don’t think the same

Last night a meeting I did attend
with a group of comparatively new friends
and we listened to a speaker tell us how
to take pictures of our ponds and fish for show

Although many years I have kept fish
and built five ponds in my back yard
an expert in this field I am not
although opinions I may have

But often the same interest have we
as we listen to each others words
Do we believe what they say
it matters not at the end of the day

As we will go about our tasks
from day to day with nary a care
for none of them will come around
and work with us our task to share.


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