Keep on smiling…

Red Rose

Red Rose

Whether a cup of coffee or to buy a car
the people of Texas are by far
the friendliest that you can ever meet
even when passing in the street
a smile, a nod or a passing “hello”
they always want to let you know
that they noticed you as you passed by
and in return you have to say”Hi”.

It seems their nature is to be friends
and even though you never see them again
that passing smile or nod of the head
lightens up the day until in the end
you find yourself doing the same
to people you pass along the way.

A smile can be a contagious thing
and costs nothing to give and no meaning meant
other than to greet in a personal way
people  like you with good intent
to make this and every other day
as pleasant as can be in every way.

There are no strangers…only friends you have not yet met.


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