What a difference a day makes…

Chesil Beach

A stormy day

Yesterday when I awoke it was so dark as to still be night
I checked the time just to be sure that it was supposed to be daylight
heavy clouds overhead as the storm moved through
with flashes of lightning so bright
followed by the rolling sound
of thunder enough to start the dogs
in a chorus of barks and howls.

The rain poured down which is no surprise
as the forces of gravity pervade
if ever it pours UP instead then the end of the world is nigh
it rained for a couple of hours or more
rain we so desperately need
to water the yard and fill the ponds
to make things grow back green again.

After a while the storm passed by
and the sun came out to warm the sky
but the weather was still very cold
as a front from the North came blowing through
enough that I did not venture out
although things were waiting for me to do.

Today is a totally different day
the sun is shining and the weather is warm
and I will go outside
to do the things that I love to do
the air still has a cold, cold feel
enough to wear a shirt for warmth
but best of all the sun shines bright
and things are cheerful once again.

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