I do not want to play, today


The weather is very grey today
and I do not feel that I want to play
out in the garden not at this time
as I will wait for the sun to shine.

When things are gloomy no sun to shine
I do not feel that I have the time
to work outside and in the yard
working  in gloom is very hard.

For I am a sun loving person at heart
I love the warmth and brightness it imparts
and when it is hidden behind the clouds
I feel the gloom like burial shrouds.

The sun gives me the energy
to do the work that’s a part of me
as tending the yard is one of my joys
being close to Nature as she deploys.

Just as she does every year
fighting her battles to make things appear
young and green and ready to grow
bright and cheerful as she does sow.

I guess I’ll stay inside and write
at least for today until it gets bright
and the sun shines down upon the ground
and the warmth it spreads is all around.



The Uncooperative Weather

Rainy Day fog

Rainy and Foggy Day

I wonder why it is that my mood and my energy level are both affected by the weather. When I wake up and the sun is shining, I am fired up and ready to do something, anything and preferably, outdoors.

When it is a dull, miserable, rainy and cloudy day like it is this morning, I am sorely tempted just to stay in bed with the covers over my head snuggled up next to my two Dachshunds who just love it if I have one of those lazy days. For them, it’s a way to spend quality time with me albeit that they will spend it sleeping and will only move when they get hungry. Then I know that it is time to get up and get the day moving regardless of how gloomy the day may be.

I am such an outdoorsy person that I find that I am a little lost with myself if I can’t get out and do something either in the garden or around the ponds or take a hike at one of the local parks. Sure, I can spend time in front of the computer and write in my blog or mess around with some of the many pictures that I have taken but this is secondary to my first love, the great outdoors. If I could spend my time over again, I would become a Biologist or Naturalist or even work at the State or County Parks as a Park Ranger. Instead, I did the next best thing and spent many years in the Construction and Pipeline Industry both of which gave me my share of spending time outdoors both living and working.

Alas, as I can’t live my life over again, as much as I would like to as long as I could make a few changes, I settle for gardening, tending my ponds and hiking the local parks. Staying indoors because the weather’s not cooperating only frustrates me.

Come on sun, show yourself. Cheer me up….please.


A Beautiful Sunny Day.

Meanderings of an old man

Ginny the new girlSitting here and feeling blue
not sure what I want to do
outside it’s cold, too cold for me
to work outside, or drive a nail
or take a walk on a nice long trail
even the two remaining dogs
are stretched out on the bed like logs
as they sleep the sleep only dogs can do
with one eye open just in case
I should make a move to leave this place
and step outside where it is cold
which they will brave just for a while
until they lose interest and it gets old
to be outside, out in the cold.
I got up early on this morn
unable to sleep as I usually do
haunted by the the memories of
the death of yet another dog
the second in these last six months
leaving me with two to love
and lavish attention upon them both
as they help my grief to transcend
at losing  two of my furry friends.
we will survive, we always do
we will move on and it won’t be long
before just memories those dogs will beDSC_5468-2as we go about our daily tasks
living the life we have always led
gardening and hiking and taking walks
this time with the dogs by my side
as two I can handle and it will be grand
taking walks together, paw in hand.


The Sun and the Rain

Sun and clouds

Sun and clouds

I got to see the sun today
it shone for a while as though to say
fear not, I have not deserted you
just hiding away from your view
as in the natural scheme of things
in this part of the country where I live
the sun shines nearly everyday
while occasional clouds get in the way
which has happened for the last few days
as cold and miserable with a little rain
has dampened our spirits enough to say
you can’t have sunshine every day
this is just to let you know
we need the rain for things to grow
as the sun for all of its warmth
dries things out leaving to chance
whether enough rain is falling to help Nature’s dance.

Barton Creek Greenbelt Walk in December

I took a walk on one of the Barton Creek Greenbelt trails back in December. The walk was pleasant enough and very invigorating and it was a beautiful day and not cold at all. There was a lot of grey and not much greenery to be expected even in a Texas winter. I took a few pictures and have them on show below. Enjoy.

Another Grey Day

Another Bright and Sunny Day

            Another Bright and Sunny Day

It’s another grey and cloudy day
enough to make me want to stay
in bed with the covers over my head
and sleep till noon and hopefully then
the sun will shine through the gloom
and I will want to leave my bed.

The dogs will not let me stay there long
as their breakfast they want to eat
and they will start to make a fuss
and lick my face as I try to sleep
until whether I like it or not
they force me out to face the day.

I do not like it when it is grey
and wish the clouds would go away
and let the sun shine through on us
to feel the warmth and the shiny light
that the sun provides when it can be seen
shining down on us to make everything bright.

Dull and cloudy days…

Dark clouds on top of hill

Dark clouds on top of hill

Another day so dull and dark
as the clouds cover the sky
and stop the sun
from shining through.

Will it stay like this all day
or will the sun with all of its power
burn through the clouds
to cheer us with its light

Will it rain?
are they rain clouds
or just clouds
that cover the sky

With days so dark
it is hard to get going
and reluctant to go outside
because it looks so depressing

Even the birds are hiding
away from the feeders
usually such a busy place
as they squabble for the best perch

There is a lone squirrel
making the most of the opportunity
to eat the sunflower seeds
without sharing with the birds

I can only wait
for the sun to shine
as I am sure it will
as this is Texas…