Love, why do we act so strange…

Happy- for now

Happy- for now

I had a friend come up to me
as overjoyed as he could be
and when I asked him why
all he could do was sigh
and babble about this girl he had met
who was causing him to fret
and worry that she would get away
and no longer be interested to stay
like she had been for the past few months.

When I asked him of his concern
what could he do to help his fears
he explained to me that his years
were more than hers by quite a few
I asked, “Why does that bother you”
if she has not mentioned it you say
he, in turn, just mumbled away
and so I suggested to him,
“Why not ask her to marry you,
get down on one knee and propose,
The worst that she could say would be no
and at least then, you would know
that she is not the one for you
and even though it hurts like hell
your better off and you can tell
her that it’s not working out”.

On the other hand, if she says yes
then your answer you do have
and then you must decide
if in fact you really want
to take this young girl to be your bride
for after taking that giant leap
and proposing that you wed
in a corner you find yourself
with no way out unless you are dead.

He looked at me and did say
“How wise you are to think this way.
Me, I didn’t know what to do
I just didn’t have a clue
but now I see the problem lies
not with her and not with you
as your advice sounds so fine
I think I will ask her to be mine”.

So, he went on his way
much more cheerful than before
almost with a spring in his step
as he whistled a tune I recognized
as Richard Wagner‘s Wedding March
what has got into this poor man
that his moods from dark to rosy go
and then I remembered why
he is in love, that poor guy…


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