Love has done it again

The woman is always the boss

The woman is always the boss

You know that friend, I met him again
this time a picture of misery
no longer was he in a swoon
but instead he acted as though his doom
had been met and there was no place to go
as he had already sunk pretty low.

This younger woman who had smitten him
had a mind of her own as most women do
and in fact she had turned him down
and not only that had put the blame
on him for not taking things nice and slow
instead because he wanted to know
just how serious things would become
and she told him that he was dumb
for expecting a sweet young thing like she
who was only looking to have a good time
with an older man with a lot of dimes.
“In any case” she had said,”In truth, I am already wed”.

He said to me, “It’s all your fault.
If I had never listened to you
and on my knee did ask this girl
to marry me and be my wife
but instead she laughed at me
for acting out this wild assed dream
and said that I had made a scene”
and then she told me goodnight
“Oh, and by the way, save your
thoughts for another day and with another
woman try for you are dreaming pie in the sky”.

I said, “Sorry, I called that one wrong
but I did forewarn you that it if you try
there would be no turning back
in your attempts to catch this girl”.

He thought about this for a while
and then he turned to me with a smile
and said, “Yes, you know you are right
I was an idiot to believe, that I could deceive this girl
into thinking that it was anything less,
and in truth what I really wanted her for
was as a trophy,  to put on my wall.
What other use would I have of she
so young, so beautiful and so naive of me
and after all the bottom line
was that she wanted to spend my dime”.

“I thank you for helping me
to see the error of my ways
and rescuing me from her grasp
and I think she will be my last
from here on out a bachelor me”.

A month later I  saw my friend
and I said, “Wait a minute, I know that look
I can read you like an open book,
don’t tell me you’ve done it again
and found yourself another girl”.

This time he turned to me and said,
“I met this woman much older this time
she is not after my dimes,
as money of her own has she
and in truth, much more than me
she is not married for I checked
I plan on taking this nice and slow
just so that I can show
that her money is not what attracts me”.

I shook his  hand and said, ” That’s nice
why don’t I believe your lies?
Your just a renegade at heart
doing your best, playing your part
and I think the reason why
you’re afraid that life is passing you by”.

He said, “You’re probably right
and I’m not going down without a fight
there is no place for me to go
to get what I think is coming to me”.

I said,” You called that right
you will definitely get into a plight
if with any woman you mess
my advice to you still stands
leave them alone for one thing I found
as beautiful and tempting for what they offer
is just not worth the price to be a lover”.

Just then, my cell phone rang
it was my wife wanting to know
when would I be home and by the way
stop at the store for we need this today
and don’t be late as you well know
that a dinner date to honor a friend
we must go.

I said yes dear, no dear and emitted a sigh
and my friend started to laugh, the reason why
“My goodness man, your no better than me
wrapped up in your own form of misery. At least
one thing is now clear, your advice I shall no longer heed
Good Luck with the dinner date”, he said
as he threw back his head and off into the night did go
whistling Dixie as he went.