The woman is always the boss

The woman is (nearly) always the boss!

It would be nice if I had a wife
to cook and clean and do the things
that wives of old used to do
before the World changed and all but a few
go out to work to earn their pay
breadwinners to save the day
equal in stature as the man of the house
when sometimes their earnings are more than their spouse
as Lawyers and Executives they have become
which takes up their time no longer as one
with babysitters and kinder garden a part of their lives
as they struggle to maintain the standard that gives
them comfort in knowing that’s how they live.

More than a few wish it were not so
a stay at home Mom is part of the dream
but sorry to say it will not be
because those things no longer exist
as times have changed and we have moved on
never to be the same again
as our parents used to live their lives
with Mom at home and Dad at work
and even though times may have been hard
with not enough money to go around
the kids still had food and clothes to wear
and they made their own fun out in the fields
closer to Nature than the kids of today
who are wired to computers and the games they play.

Do I still need a wife to cook and clean
or am I just living a dream
of the way that things used to be
I know that never to return
so to cook and clean I have learned
cheaper by far than having a wife
and for me with much less strife
as twenty years of living alone
with dogs for company who never talk back
and who worship the very ground and never nag
or ever have things for me to do
instead just happy all the time
and the one thing they let me be
and that is head of the family.

It must be said I am no prize
and no woman would want to live with me
at least not for long if they were smart
as too selfish am I to share my life
without causing a bunch of strife
and that is why I have no wife
after twenty years and that’s OK
as me and the dogs like it that way.