A Hike at McKinney Roughs 4-20-2019

The very muddy Colorado River

Tired of sitting around indoors, I made a last minute decision that I wanted to take a hike. The next question was where did I want to go. After considerable thought, I decided that as I hadn’t been to McKinney Roughs in a while, that would be a good place. I texted my friend BJ to see if she was interested but she texted back that she already had plans.

I wasn’t about to let that stop me from enjoying the beautiful Spring day and after a short drive of about thirty miles, found myself in the parking lot at McKinney. I had recently bought a new backpack that I hadn’t yet had time to try out. I had already packed it with all of the relevant gear including the Tamron 160-600 long lens which, if I plan on using , usually carry already attached to a camera and on a waist harness. The carrying system that I have is from Cotton Carrier which enables me to carry two cameras and a pair of binoculars at the same time if I so choose. This lens adds considerably to the weight of the pack as it weighs in around 5.5 pounds when attached to the camera making it a very heavy addition. The new pack also had straps on the bottom allowing me to pack a lightweight tripod just in case I needed it. Altogether, the pack weighs in at around 25 pounds fully loaded so in many ways, this was going to be a test as to whether I could manage such a heavy load.

I stopped in at the office and paid my $5.00 and chatted to the lady behind the window and set off heading for the Riverside trail. Turns out that there was going to be a wedding and preparations were underway with the staff busy setting up tables outside and a band off to one side that was practicing and getting their sound systems just right. Another lady was preparing bouquets for each table and there was a general air of busyness.

Pictures of the trails at McKinney Roughs

I walked on Riverside heading out into the beautiful lush new spring growth that Nature provides us every year taking pictures as I went. I wasn’t really sure which trails I was going to take as I had no plan and was waiting to see what would guide me. On a whim, I turned off onto Valley View and followed it for a while and then took Bluff Trail Loop. This trail has a major overlook of the valley below with glimpses of the Colorado River. The river was extremely muddy colored as there had been a lot of rain very recently and was flowing quite strongly. I did not plan on walking down to the river on this particular walk guessing that the bottom trails would be very muddy and cut up.

Spring Flowers

I completed Bluff Trail Loop then headed back up Ridge to the Main Campus. I passed back alongside the wedding area taking care not to get too close as I didn’t want to interrupt anything. As it happens, the guests were just starting to arrive looking somewhat out of place with the men all dressed up in suits and ties and the women in dresses with summer hats. It would have been more fitting if they had on shorts and tees to go along with the scenery. Oh well…Still a beautiful place for a wedding. Lets hope that the lucky couple can copy nature and make their marriage last forever. Hard to do in these modern times but I wish them the very best. Guess I am a cynic.

Panoramic pictures of McKinney Roughs

Altogether, I covered 4.5 miles and I’m happy to say that the pack rode very well. I only noticed it a couple of times and if it had become too heavy, I could have always pulled out the camera and long lens and attached it to one of the carrying straps on my waist belt. I got some great pictures and everything is so wonderfully green with lots of wildflowers in bloom. Here’s looking forward to the next walk.

Written 4/24/2019

Love, why do we act so strange…

Happy- for now

Happy- for now

I had a friend come up to me
as overjoyed as he could be
and when I asked him why
all he could do was sigh
and babble about this girl he had met
who was causing him to fret
and worry that she would get away
and no longer be interested to stay
like she had been for the past few months.

When I asked him of his concern
what could he do to help his fears
he explained to me that his years
were more than hers by quite a few
I asked, “Why does that bother you”
if she has not mentioned it you say
he, in turn, just mumbled away
and so I suggested to him,
“Why not ask her to marry you,
get down on one knee and propose,
The worst that she could say would be no
and at least then, you would know
that she is not the one for you
and even though it hurts like hell
your better off and you can tell
her that it’s not working out”.

On the other hand, if she says yes
then your answer you do have
and then you must decide
if in fact you really want
to take this young girl to be your bride
for after taking that giant leap
and proposing that you wed
in a corner you find yourself
with no way out unless you are dead.

He looked at me and did say
“How wise you are to think this way.
Me, I didn’t know what to do
I just didn’t have a clue
but now I see the problem lies
not with her and not with you
as your advice sounds so fine
I think I will ask her to be mine”.

So, he went on his way
much more cheerful than before
almost with a spring in his step
as he whistled a tune I recognized
as Richard Wagner‘s Wedding March
what has got into this poor man
that his moods from dark to rosy go
and then I remembered why
he is in love, that poor guy…