And Jesus said, Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me…

Red Rose

Red Rose

I turned on the TV as I normally do
just so that I could view whatever has happened in the day
and much to my dismay tragedy had struck again.

This time it is far, far worse than what we have endured before
every time is bad enough regardless who the victims are
Brothers, Sisters, Moms and Dads even Grandma’s and Grandpa’s too
all are caught up in the strife affected by the actions of
someone who may have a grudge or think that they have been wronged
or who may have become deranged and violent though appearing normal to us all.

It is hard to imagine the grief that the parents are going through
to lose a child in such a way when they have just started to
blossom as children and reached the age where curiosity now takes first place
and school and classmates and teachers too become part of their growing up
as their horizons broaden as they play, little do they know that they
are on their way into this world to become a part and to have their say.

To take a life, any life is wrong and there can be no one as strong as
the Parents of those who lost their lives who in their grief and their loss sustain
supported by the people who are close to them but they should know
that they are not alone in their grief as the rest of the World along with them weeps
for there is nothing as bad as losing a child from illness or accident or however it may be
but senseless killing the mind cannot grasp from a young man not much older than they.

I cried as I watched the TV as news came in throughout the day
but the final word, the final count only made me sad at heart
why I asked, why, why , why would anyone these lives to take
what possible fault could they have  done for them to end their life this way
God moves in mysterious ways of that we have been told many times
and yet sometimes we all have doubts about the purpose of His mind
Do we question Him and say, “Why do you act this way”?
or do we follow meek and  mild and know that He has purpose too
of what that may be we may never know unless such truths are all revealed
when we too join those little kids who may be with God for surely they
are so young and so innocent that for them, they will always be able to play
in Heaven along with those that are good and those sometimes misunderstood
who by His mercy are all reconciled to his Kingdom on High, especially a child.

My thoughts and Prayers go out to those who lost loved ones at Newtown, Connecticut.



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