Growing Old

Growing Old

Growing Old

As we grow older things start to change
some are obvious to one and all
hair that was so thick and long
has fallen out as time moves on
leaving a head so shiny and bald
or just with hair around the ears
that we so carefully comb
and do our best to make us feel
our shiny head is hair so real.

Hair is not the only thing
that we have lost along the way
where muscles once were fit and tight
are now just loose folds of skin
in our mind we still are strong
but when it comes time prove us wrong
no strength have we to do the task
that in our mind the question asks.

When we were young we ran and jumped
and played as hard as we thought we could
Knocks and bruises were part of the game
and we always lived, always the same
pushing our bodies as hard as we could
in the hope of being good
at whatever we were doing that day
all a part of how we played.

As we grow old that same body now
creaks and groans with every move
has aches and pains in places where
we never knew we had muscles there
and screams and cries each step we take
if we push ourselves too hard
with feet that hardly clear the ground
and trips and falls are all around
and landing can make a painful sound.

In our own way we compensate
and no chances do we take
and then the mind starts to play tricks
and says, you can do it you just got to try
when you were younger you never thought why
you just went out and played your part
I’ll bet if you think very hard
you can still do the things just like before.

What I have not mentioned here
is how my mind that once so clear
remembering things from the past
and people’s names both first and last
is now a shadow of how it used to be
and try as I might remember them
all of those people close to me
but I can remember my childhood friends
and even name them one by one
and yet I cannot recall
the breakfast I ate an hour ago.

Who am I trying to kid
that even though my mind still works
my body is starting to let me down
and I am not who I used to be
this is a different me inside
and there is no way to hide
the fact that we all grow old
and even though we struggle so
we cannot change the march of time.

What is Love?



What is love, I ask myself
how is it measured from day-to-day
there has got to be a way
but I cannot for the life of me say
just what that may be for all I know
people are so different and yet
the one thing we all strive to get
is love though it may not be the same
for one as it’s all a game.

Most people think of love as being
between a man and a woman
and there are others too that
love one another just as much
like the ones that have the opposite touch.

Is the love they have  any different from
that between a woman and man
if to them it wondrous be then they
have found just what the rest
of humanity strives to best.

I love my dogs, is that the same
or are we talking a different love
can the love I feel for all of my pets
compare to that of the human kind
to me, as I have no wife
as they caused me so much strife
and the love I had for them back then
disappeared as the years wore on
until nothing was left of that wonderful song.

You could say that the love we have
for very close friends and others too
who we will never live with or worse
is that the same as the original verse
or is that love of a different kind
for different reasons it is defined

What about the children we have
is our love for them any different from
that we have for our Mom and Dad
because they are of our own flesh and blood
does that make it a stronger love.

Does the love our children have for us
train them so they will find
love of their own of a different kind
when they meet that certain one
who will fire up the torch
that they will burn not understanding
what is happening to them.

All of these questions keep floating around
in my brain as I try to fathom it out
for me I tried and it didn’t work out
so does that make me a different man

Instead I have found that I love life
especially without a wife
for even though they claim to love
it’s too big a price to pay
as I could not do things my way.

I thought years ago I was part of the plan
and took a wife as most people do
but before we had gotten very far
things had changed and in its place without hope
that things would ever be the same.

I love chocolate and Italian food
and working out when I’m in the mood
I used to love to run
and it was always a lot of fun
tearing around the soccer field
at breakneck speed not wanting to yield
to anyone who was willing to try
to take on this loving guy.

Team sports teaches you that you are
part of a group for reasons unclear
is it because of the sport that you play
or maybe you just need the brotherhood
of playing together as a group
and do you love them because this troop
of athletes and friends have bonded real close
for whom you would give your most
and is this sort of love any different than
that between a woman and a man.

I guess what I am asking here
has been asked again for many a year
does anyone have an answer yet
or will I have to continue to try
to get the answer by and by
not that it matters much
for life for me has passed on by
all these years that I have searched
have all gone by in the blink of an eye.

If love is such a powerful thing
and can shape the way we live
and at the time it is so strong that
forever would describe the scene
and yet it takes very little it seems
for it to crumble like our dreams.

I just thought of another case
when love can be used but just a taste
let it be said that this time it’s clear
that this sort of love is different from
the other we have been talking about
with this sort of love you can scream and shout
so there will be no doubt
that of all the teams I could view
the one I love is Man U.

Manchester United

Manchester United


Farewell Old Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

The year is fast coming to an end
and with it brought new friends
who helped new memories make
to add to the store of many that
the memory has filed away
to be recalled at a later day.

Thinking back through this past year
the things of most significance
are not necessarily so important that
they are impossible to forget
More that they stand out in the mind
maybe they are one of a kind
or maybe they stick because at the time
the need for the touch, the word, the smile
made it seem all worthwhile
when at our lowest we had come
and needed help from anyone.

I like to think that I am free
and independent  and mostly
that is true except
when low my feelings get
and at that time I have the need
to get out in a crowd
and even if I am still alone
I feed off the collective sight and sound
which firmly back on level ground
puts my feelings as all around
people are rushing this way and that
in a most improbable flap
as though their life was on the clock
and that every minute was being docked.

In retrospect I suppose that’s true
that we are all “on the clock”
from the moment that we are born
time is ticking down until
we reach zero and then
there is no more,

Looking back upon this year
the high points are easy to find
helping friends new paths to lay
or coaching the kids on how to play
at soccer, that wonderful game
which has brought me some small fame
and fortune too in many ways
but long gone are the days
that I ran and kicked the ball
in my feeble attempt to score.

Big Pond

Big Pond

Showing my ponds on the Pond Tour
and all of the people who came to my door
to view the ponds that I had built
and all the nice things and complements too
made all of the work much easier to do.

To spend Thanksgiving and Christmas too
with friends eating turkey and ham
and lots of good food and home-made pies
all of the very best kind
to forget about Weight Watchers for one day
even though it will make me pay
as I will have to work extra hard
to remove the pounds
that having good friends on these special days
have inadvertently pushed my way.

I managed to lose twenty-two pounds
to get back to the weight that I used to be
as a young man so many years ago
and muscles were where they were supposed to be
Fifty four years later even though the weight was achieved
the muscles have long since disappeared
and no amount of work on my part
will make me be that young man again
for I had no clue at the age of  twenty-two .

I spend a lot of my time
writing bad poetry the words to rhyme
for I find it easier for me
to write a story that is free
and flowing from the heart
with words that go together
in part to make things flow
the words to fit one to the other

Life has not been all so great
of memories of things so sad
like losing one of my furry friends
and a couple of the human kind
Mark and Pepe both passed  away
to that soccer field in the sky to play
of giving up coaching the love of my life
due to the ravages of age
when legs and mind no longer jive
and are no longer on the same page.

I added a camera to my tools
and pictures I take of everything
to put in my blog which I share with the world
writing about the things
that interest me for the bottom line
is that the reason I spend so much time
on writing stories which appeal to me
is that I am not that good that I can be
a Mark Twain or a  Stephen King
as I shall never reach the heights
that these and many more writers attain.

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

I write because it pleases me
to put down words for all to see
in the hope that others too will find
pleasure in reading the words that I write
and just as long as these readers do care
then it makes it all worth while.

What people don’t know is that writing for me
is the only true way to get others to see
my point of view whatever that may be
as talking I find to be very hard
I am too choked or worse yet
get tongue-tied and then my memory forgets
and does not recall the very thought
that at the time we were talking about.

I wonder what this year will bring
as in one days time the New Year
will ring in with a bang as it always does
bringing along with it renewed hope
for peace and prosperity to one and all
and if there was ever a flaw
to thinking that with new, things will change
for change is not an immediate thing
not overnight will changes bring
peace and good fortune or whatever the score
but of one thing everyone can be sure
if they wake up in one piece on New Years Day
then they can run and laugh and play
for the alternative, not waking up
does not bear thinking about this New Year.

The very best I can do
even though I haven’t a clue
to what this New Year may bring
to all the world and me and you
is to wish all of my friends and others too
Happy New Year Everyone


And Jesus said, Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me…

Red Rose

Red Rose

I turned on the TV as I normally do
just so that I could view whatever has happened in the day
and much to my dismay tragedy had struck again.

This time it is far, far worse than what we have endured before
every time is bad enough regardless who the victims are
Brothers, Sisters, Moms and Dads even Grandma’s and Grandpa’s too
all are caught up in the strife affected by the actions of
someone who may have a grudge or think that they have been wronged
or who may have become deranged and violent though appearing normal to us all.

It is hard to imagine the grief that the parents are going through
to lose a child in such a way when they have just started to
blossom as children and reached the age where curiosity now takes first place
and school and classmates and teachers too become part of their growing up
as their horizons broaden as they play, little do they know that they
are on their way into this world to become a part and to have their say.

To take a life, any life is wrong and there can be no one as strong as
the Parents of those who lost their lives who in their grief and their loss sustain
supported by the people who are close to them but they should know
that they are not alone in their grief as the rest of the World along with them weeps
for there is nothing as bad as losing a child from illness or accident or however it may be
but senseless killing the mind cannot grasp from a young man not much older than they.

I cried as I watched the TV as news came in throughout the day
but the final word, the final count only made me sad at heart
why I asked, why, why , why would anyone these lives to take
what possible fault could they have  done for them to end their life this way
God moves in mysterious ways of that we have been told many times
and yet sometimes we all have doubts about the purpose of His mind
Do we question Him and say, “Why do you act this way”?
or do we follow meek and  mild and know that He has purpose too
of what that may be we may never know unless such truths are all revealed
when we too join those little kids who may be with God for surely they
are so young and so innocent that for them, they will always be able to play
in Heaven along with those that are good and those sometimes misunderstood
who by His mercy are all reconciled to his Kingdom on High, especially a child.

My thoughts and Prayers go out to those who lost loved ones at Newtown, Connecticut.