Christmas-What Does it Mean to You?

Simple Beauty

I woke up this morning to a day which will be to me, very much like any other day at this stage of my life. Just me and the dogs hanging out as we do every day. The difference is, that to the rest of the Christian World, it is Christmas day, when according to the Bible, Jesus was born in a stable in a town called Bethlehem.

To many, this is a very sacred day celebrated in all kinds of different ways based on the particular brand of the religion and what country the celebrations are occuring. I live in the United States and before that grew up in England where I lived for thirty one years.

My English memories are what I like to believe, closer to the truth about the true meaning of Christmas at least to me and the family I had way back then, all of those years ago. We had gone through and were just recovering from the Second World War which in turn, had led to several inventions and modernizations to help make life better for the average family. Food, although still scarce was becoming more available. We did not eat turkey for Christmas Dinner because it was only for those that could afford it, what we referred to as the “Upper Class”. We killed a chicken from our yard and were very grateful for it, not so much for the chicken. We did not give each other expensive gifts but those that we had made ourselves and each was received with the graciousness they so richly deserved. As time went on, a lot of the old ways were disappearing and by the time we left to come to the States, material things were becoming important as the world began to become Americanized.

I am now almost eighty four years old and have spent fifty three years in this country and have watched as Christmas has turned into a celebration of gifts and possessions. Add to that the amount of food and drink that is consumed (and wasted) on this day and it would seem to me that instead of this being a simple celebration of the birth of baby Jesus, it has turned into an excuse to eat, drink and spend money on very expensive and many times, unwanted gifts.

If I sound a bit like an old Scrooge, that is maybe because in a way, I am. Giving expensive gifts does not necessarily make you a better person. Maybe, in your own mind, you are trying to make up for all of the things that you didn’t do through the year. Like you are appeasing your conscience and trying to make up for it with the gift.

I am not a particularly religious person although through my lifetime, I have dabbled with a couple of different kinds mainly to satisfy the person that I was married to at that time. I was raised as a Church of England Protestant and in my youth, actively practised religion. At one time, I dabbled in Catholicism again because my wife at that time was Catholic. But is was only a passing whim and when she quit going to Church, so did I.

Now, with no wives to push me in the right direction, I have chosen the route of non religion. I find it so hard to believe that with all of the suffering in the world, the general hate for persons of different religions and color, the wars, the famine’s and the natural disasters that there is a Divine Being that watches all of this going on and does not help to guide us in a different direction. If he or she, is waiting for mankind to save itself, then it will never happen. As a race, mankind is it’s own worst enemy and will not be satisfied until it has pushed the world to the point of extinction with global warming and only then, if it is not too late, will maybe change it’s ways and make the effort to save the world and the remaining inhabitants. Then, if I was around, would I begin to revive my faith and believe that maybe there is a God after all and that the Spirit of Christmas would rekindle mankind’s belief in himself.

I live in a Nation of greed and prejudice where the almighty dollar, to many, is the only religion. The top one percent own more than the combined assets of the remaining ninety nine percent and that is wrong. That coupled with a hate for Jews, Muslims and people of different ethnicity, race and color often times make it very hard to believe that there is a God and that any form of religion is going to change the way things have become. In all of my years on this earth for which I am very grateful, my best recollection of that time was when I was a young man living a simple life in England before the age of progress.

Alas, I can’t wind back the clock to those better and simpler times. Happy Holidays Everyone.

Written 12/25/2019 – Christmas Day.

Thinking About Life… (1)

Thinking back on recent events and those not quite so recent, I can’t help but wonder just where we really are in the world today. Here in America where the almighty dollar dictates just about everything, we are sort of divided into three groups. The have plenty’s, the just plain haves and of course the have not’s. Even these groups are broken down smaller with the rich, the very rich and the filthy rich and the upper middle class, middle class and the lower middle class that are not far from becoming among the have not’s. Finally, the have not’s can be also broken down into those barely getting by, those that need help to get by and finally the very poor and starving.

This is America, the land of opportunity. I am one of the lucky ones that I was given the chance to sail across the pond to share in the promises of a better, richer life and for me personally, it worked out OK. This entire country was built on immigration and you would be hard fetched to find anybody that doesn’t have blood from around the world running in their veins. The only true Americans are the American Indians and look how they were treated.

Most people just want to raise their families and lead an honest life working at whatever their skills are related to. Very few have bad intentions and have no desire to harm the hand that feeds them but this single aspect of how the world is shaping up is making it very difficult for some people to accept “foreigners” especially if they are outwardly different in some way or worse yet, have different religious beliefs or pray to a different God.

I am a modern thinking man. I very much like computers and all that this modern age has brought to us but at the same time, life is rushing by so fast that I wish we could step back for a bit and smell the roses. We need to remember who we are and where we came from, generations ago. This land is big enough for all of us and we need to remember our roots and learn to be a little more tolerant of each other.

I am not very religious but I really believe that none of us has the God given right to judge one another regardless of how often we go to church or how much time we spend on our knees. Whether we realize it or not, we are slowly ruining our world with our own self importance and lack of tolerance and understanding. And of course, the almighty dollar.

No wonder the rest of the World hates us and all it has to do is to wait long enough and we will be the masters of our own downfall.



Today  is Sunday the second part
of the weekend and for a start
a long and leisurely breakfast time
reading the paper and catching up with the news
to see what other people’s views
are of this world on this day of rest
at least is how we have been blest.

Eating Breakfast and catching up with the news...

Eating Breakfast and catching up with the news…

After breakfast the chores to do
those that were saved the whole week through
that did not require immediate need
so instead were left for us to proceed
with them on this the first day
and before we can go out to play.

For some it is a holy day
and to church they will go where they will pray
for forgiveness for all of the things they have done
in the week just past starting from day one
and better will feel with sins forgiven
even though it’s subject to having
true belief in whatever deity they believe in.

People going to church

People going to church

Others through the motions will go
not true believers but feel they must show
that they are good and religious too
and even though they haven’t a clue
will sing and kneel and pray to rote
at the bidding of the man in the pulpit who spoke
of the need for this or maybe for that
with the bottom line a donation to give
to make forgiveness complete for those who live
in the shadows of religion who go through the game
of pretence because its their station in life.
or maybe it’s because their wife
insists that to church they must go.

With religious concepts out-of-the-way
they now have the rest of the day
to do whatever they have planned
a walk in the park, a wifely command
do this or do that or we really should
go visit, go see  or what if we could
drive here, go there I know the place
and so it goes on until they decide
what to do with the rest of the day.

Fun at the beach

Fun at the beach

The day is over and with its true
another weekend is gone and we haven’t a clue
where did the time go, it went by so fast
and we know this is not the last
weekend when we feel the need
to pack as much into the time for the speed
of the weekends as we all know
instead of being nice and slow
gets faster and faster with each passing minute
until we have reached the limit
of the time allotted to each weekend
and it’s Monday morning all over again.

Back to work with the humdrum stuff
from nine to five we sweat and slave
counting the days as time drags on by
until its Friday at last, just one more day
then we can do it again in just the same way…




And Jesus said, Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me…

Red Rose

Red Rose

I turned on the TV as I normally do
just so that I could view whatever has happened in the day
and much to my dismay tragedy had struck again.

This time it is far, far worse than what we have endured before
every time is bad enough regardless who the victims are
Brothers, Sisters, Moms and Dads even Grandma’s and Grandpa’s too
all are caught up in the strife affected by the actions of
someone who may have a grudge or think that they have been wronged
or who may have become deranged and violent though appearing normal to us all.

It is hard to imagine the grief that the parents are going through
to lose a child in such a way when they have just started to
blossom as children and reached the age where curiosity now takes first place
and school and classmates and teachers too become part of their growing up
as their horizons broaden as they play, little do they know that they
are on their way into this world to become a part and to have their say.

To take a life, any life is wrong and there can be no one as strong as
the Parents of those who lost their lives who in their grief and their loss sustain
supported by the people who are close to them but they should know
that they are not alone in their grief as the rest of the World along with them weeps
for there is nothing as bad as losing a child from illness or accident or however it may be
but senseless killing the mind cannot grasp from a young man not much older than they.

I cried as I watched the TV as news came in throughout the day
but the final word, the final count only made me sad at heart
why I asked, why, why , why would anyone these lives to take
what possible fault could they have  done for them to end their life this way
God moves in mysterious ways of that we have been told many times
and yet sometimes we all have doubts about the purpose of His mind
Do we question Him and say, “Why do you act this way”?
or do we follow meek and  mild and know that He has purpose too
of what that may be we may never know unless such truths are all revealed
when we too join those little kids who may be with God for surely they
are so young and so innocent that for them, they will always be able to play
in Heaven along with those that are good and those sometimes misunderstood
who by His mercy are all reconciled to his Kingdom on High, especially a child.

My thoughts and Prayers go out to those who lost loved ones at Newtown, Connecticut.



Honeydews or Honeydoos

Women are the boss

Women are the boss

I spend a great deal of my life
getting told what to do by my wife
she is not alone in this as others too
join in with lists and pages out of a book
saying this is where you need to look
in order for your work today
or you will not get any pay
and with those sort of arguments
it’s hard not to let them have their say.

It has not always been this way
when I was young I had plenty to say
and I would tell others what to do
when it seemed to me they hadn’t a clue
and whether they asked my advice or not
I showed them I cared not one jot
and would tell them in no uncertain terms
my opinion of what they were trying to learn.

My first mistake was agreeing to
the Priest asking for my “I do”
so meekly I followed along with the words
and before I knew it I had a wife
who has caused me much anxiety and strife
with her constant “honey-dew”.

I try to be good to keep the peace
hand over my paycheck every week
and take back the small pittance in return
so that I can once a week meet
with my friends the ones from before
to have a drink and tell them the score
and nearly every time the score comes out
me zero and the wife a full house.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife
even though she causes me strife
for at times tender she can be
and makes me forget my misery
of “honey-dew”, the bane of my life
they go along with having a wife.

My Batchelor buddies all joke along
because they are so used to my song
“We told you so”, they all say
“but you went ahead anyway
you have traded off your Batchelor life
all because you wanted a wife”.

I think back how I got this way
Me,  who always had plenty to say
I think I was conned into this strife
by a girl who wanted to be my wife
with her big round eyes and seductive looks
and a figure that I had only seen in books
and a graceful walk and legs so divine
I knew I had to make her mine.

Readers, I kid you not when I say
that being married is bliss in every way
except when those dreaded words that I fear
“Oh Honey, I have another job over here”.
and I figured out its a small price to pay
to have a wife that wants me to say
“OK, right on it, later today”.

Happy Couple

Happy Couple