Fish and the facts of life



Just when I thought they were all through
the Koi are at it again and anew
chasing each other around the pond
males beating on anything in female form.
It is such a dramatic way to mate
and all of this just for the sake to continue the line and babies make.

This is not the way for humans to act
although maybe it was way back in the day
when humans walked upright for the very first time
and the only way to continue the line
was to bonk the female on the head
to make her submit and drag her to bed
or wherever else the act took place
as man ruled the roost way back in the day
and women were there for the male to play
flexing his muscles and other parts too
with a brain so small he hadn’t a clue
that the act he was doing was part of the plan
to continue the line of women and man.

I have a friend who has read my rhymes
and compares the Koi to her man who appears
at times to want to revert to the way
that cavemen acted back in the day
and tries to dominate her by his strength
although, no bonk on the head to date
in an effort for him to mate.
She lets him think that he is boss
and has got his way because he is male
but the truth of the matter is
he fulfills her need when she desires
but lets him think he won the day
for this is the woman’s way.

Times have changed from back in the day
the man no longer has his way
for women no longer submit to his whim
and in truth, the dominate ones have become
if they say no, or a headache I have
the male can no longer resort to force
as truth to be told, the women rule
and men know this as they are no fool
the only way for them to succeed
is to be nice and know that it matter not
what they would like to believe cares not one jot
that in this modern-day the women rule
and the truth is, the man is the tool
for all the things that they want that requires a mate
can only be had for the womans sake.

Clever they are in how they succeed
allowing the male to honestly believe
that he has one over on the lady of his life
whether she be a good friend or his wife
the only way the male will get by
or even wish for the joy and the day
when he feels that he has got his way
for foolish it is for the man to say
Look at me for here in my house
I rule the roost, for I am King
I can do most anything
as long as my wife say’s it’s OK
for me to be Boss just for today.

And the cycle starts all over again

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