Oh! What a Beautiful Day

English: Downtown Austin from across Town Lake.

Austin, Texas

Oh! what a beautiful day, I stand outside in the sun and say “Where else would I want to be today”?
The truth of the matter is that I can think of no better place to be than in Austin in Texas in January.
The temperature is so sublime, the sun is warm, the weather is fine, this evening the temperature colder will feel and it might go down to 30 degrees but even with this little freeze will not dampen the spirits raised during the day when the sun feels so warm to make us say “Oh what a beautiful day”.

Comment on Wives

My previous blog about my wives,
Seems to have troubled many lives,
Some of the comments I have received,
Are both good and bad and some aggrieved,

The truth of the matter is, I am not sad,
Just sharing my life both good and bad,
If fate decrees for the rest of my life,
I shall never have another wife,

Please, understand that because I’m not sad,
and thank the Good Lord for the pleasures I’ve had,
with the three wives that have been in my life,
and the fact. there was little strife.

More than half of my life with these women I spent,
most of it, I was very content,
But again, I was still in my prime
and could handle their wishes most of the time,
I could adapt and readily did,
made adjustments that were not exactly the fit,
but close enough on the day,
for the way they wanted to play.

Nowadays it’s a different story,
I’m set in my ways and no longer the glory,
of having a wife to cause me a worry,
as I can no longer adapt to the flurry,
of wishes and demands set by a wife,
and that is why they are not in my life.

I am not sad…
Life is good…
Thanks anyway…