Missing a Post

I was checking my blog as I usually do to make sure that everything was in good working order and it occurred to me that I was missing something. Then I realized that this being a Monday, I had not scheduled anything to post today. A quick review confirmed that I have somehow or another managed to completely miss this date. I have something scheduled all the way through the middle of February on my regular twice a week schedule but nothing for today.

i wondered in the back of my mind if this was some Freudian way of my missing out on purpose or whether it was just a malfunction of my aging and very forgetful brain. After all, there are a lot of good things to write about even in these very difficult times regardless of the Covid thing and the political scene and all of the other things that are currently disrupting our small area of this world. This is the Holiday Season and many families throughout the World have celebrated Christmas in their various and different ways. Of course, there are many others who have had no reason to celebrate or are non believers in both the Season and the Reason and for them, this being the free country that it is, they are entitled to those beliefs without fear of prejudice or reprisal from the authorities or from others with different points of view.

Then there are many others including myself whose views on Christmas and indeed religion in general has become very jaded and disappointed as to the way things have turned out. I read somewhere that the younger generation is turning away from Religion in ever increasing numbers whether from disenchantment or plain non belief or whatever other reason they may have. Maybe it could have a lot to do with the fact that Family life is not anything like it was years ago and that parental guidance has been replaced by computers and Facebook and other such programs. Our kids at a very young age are bombarded with many points of view and they can pick and choose whichever one suits them the best and that becomes their religion. I fear that the days of Family and the guidance that used to go along with it are rapidly becoming a thing of the past as more and more parents are content to allow their kids amuse and teach themselves.

For myself, I know that I have turned into a disgruntled and bitter old man which seems to get worse with every passing birthday. I long to be able to turn back the clock not necessarily to become young again and have a lifetime in front of me but to go back to when family meant everything. Even though my own family suffered a marital breakup at the end of World War 2 which resulted in us being spread all over the globe, the short life before that lives strong in my mind. We didn’t have computers or television and got along very well without them. We learned about Nature and Life and we relied on each other for learning, entertainment and friendship.

But those days are long gone and will never return. This is the 21st century and with it are all of the modern day accoutrements that the world can no longer live without and the lack of family life and guidance those items have brought. Kids today do not know how to entertain themselves without some sort of electronic gadget to amuse them. They no longer take a walk in the woods to learn about Nature sometimes for fear of it not being safe out there and not just from wild animals, but of the human kind.

The World is a funny old place and not in an amusing way. It is what we have allowed it to become and now we are suffering its consequences and will be for evermore.

And now I remember why I forgot to post today…

Written 12/28/2020