Thinking about the World.

G13-4709I sat here thinking about the world and the small, very small part that we play in it. To us, the most important part is the life that we personally are involved in whether it is our own or those immediately around us.

We each originate from a family which can be as small as a Mother and Child or as large as an established family with parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and on and on.

Our upbringing and early years shape the sort of person we will eventually become and whether that is just a Mother’s love or the bonds of a large and close family, we are stuck without a choice. It is true that we can change all of that as we grow older but it takes a very big effort of will and independence that very few of us have.

So we are who we are because of circumstance. Our likes and dislikes, our view of the world, our attitude towards others, towards Nature and towards life in general are all based on those early years.

Can we change? Some might argue that we are perfectly content the way that we are and do not want things any other way. Others might see us as rude, selfish, snobbish, greedy, uncaring and totally unaware of the World in which we live.

Still others may hate us because of our color or our religion or sexual beliefs. Some just seath with anger and others get physically violent in the form of theft, murder and chaos.

What does this do to our society as a whole. We like to think we are civilized and can act that way but how little does it take to turn a gathering into a
crowd and then a crowd into a mob. Just read the newspapers or go online or watch the news on television to discover that for us, violence is just under the surface. Take a look at yourself and think about the times you read something or watched something and became angry. Was that enough to send you over the edge or did common sense prevail? How close were you?

I am not a violent man and yet I own a couple of handguns. Would I use them against my fellow man. To tell the truth, I don’t know. Fear might cause me to pull the trigger but to kill or maim, I have no idea and won’t know until the time comes which I hope is never. I don’t want to make that sort of a choice, ever. On the other hand, who knows what the human mind is capable of under stressful situations.

Where am I going with this, you may ask. To tell the truth, I don’t really know. This is what happens when you allow your mind to wander in any direction especially after having read this or watched that and then letting the active mind get busy. This is where I ended up, after thinking about the World in general and just how messed up we humans have made it. Probably this is a follow up to one of my previous blogs, Todays Thoughts

The mind is a funny old thing with its twists and turns. Now if I could just remember where I put my car keys…Oh wait a minute, that’s my forgetful memory and not my overworked mind.

Thoughts or lack of them…


Sitting  here with nothing to do
staring at a blank screen
without a clue, of anything to write
no words to spell, quite obviously
nothing to tell.

How can my mind be so blank
what’s happened to all those thoughts
that I had, last night
as I lay down my head
before I went to sleep in my bed.

Morning came and brought a fresh day
no sun shining just skies of gray
hints of rain and weather so drab
and a mood to match no sunlight here
and a mind still blank with nothing to cheer.

If my mind is blank with nothing to write
what can I do, this is my plight
as I wrack my brain for something to say
a little word, will it come my way
or should I wait ’till another day.

Look the sun is peeking through
and has solved my problem
of what to do, instead outside
to rake some leaves
and clean the paths
and trim the trees…
peace at last.


This and That…


View of the Texas Hill Country from Pedernales Falls State Park

I was sitting in front of my computer actually waiting to go to the next event in my busy life, a meeting of the Board of the Austin Pond Society. This is our normal monthly meeting where we discuss the Austin Pond Society’s upcoming business.

Somehow, I have managed to end up on the Pond Tour Committee probably because of all of the entries about the tour I will need to make on the website. Certainly not because of my unending knowledge about putting on a tour. No, B.J. Jenkins is our resident expert having put on four tours and she hopefully has all of the answers.

Patio view of Koi pond

BJ and Sam’s Koi Pond

Prior to that, I have just finished writing about my last trip to Pedernales Falls State Park on February 6. For once, this one went without any major hitches. I didn’t get lost and in fact was even able to advise two other couples on bikes which direction and trails they needed to take. Of course, I didn’t let on that I know where I am going out here now because I got lost not once but twice and both in the same spot. Go figure.

In my house, the two cats have their own room which I have just finished cleaning. They only have to use it when I am not here as Richie, my male Dachshund has worked both of them over on two separate occasions. That was several years ago but I am reluctant to not put them in a safe place when I am away. He might be OK after all of this time but then again…. No sense in taking chances. After watching him kill a rat this morning that I had uncovered makes me think that he likes to kill things. Ginny could care less and chooses to ignore the cats in a very haughty way, almost with her nose in the air. You would think that living together as we do, Richie would accept them by now and maybe he has but I am not about to find out.

DSC_3850.JPGI have just exchanged emails with one of my friends who commented on my Facebook posting of a couple of flowers out in my garden. She tells me that she lives far North of me and has had several frosts this year. I live Southwest and so far have not had a single frost. Looking at the weather forecast, it is supposed to warm up to 81 degrees on Thursday and it is still not yet Spring until March 20.  Maybe we will get lucky and not have any frosts this year. That is good and bad as usually, the frost knocks down all of the vegetation in my garden and then when it warms up, new plants start to grow. Not sure what will happen with most of the existing vegetation still in place or whether I will need to chop a lot of it down. It does make me think about this abnormal winter and wonder whether global warming is having an effect. In any case, I am not complaining as the fine weather has allowed me to go out and about on the hiking trails.

It was nice to get back together with my friends on the APS Board. This particular group logo-144x144has been together for some time and we know each other pretty well. Every time we get a new member, it seems that they quickly blend in. It’s probably because we all have the same interests in ponds and aquatic life that we are so compatible. The new guy, Ted, is the new Pond Society Tour Chairman and as such is basically responsible for making sure everything goes off without a hitch or at least only small hitches. It is a big job and although he has the benefits of B.J’s experience he won’t be long before he finds himself up to his elbows in the proverbial dog doo. I take my hat off to anyone that is willing to devote countless hours of his and other peoples time to this thankless task.

7863243_220x220_rbKarl, who is no longer on the Board, came to the meeting in his  role of putting together the programs for the tour. We chatted for a bit some of which was about my computer that used to be his before he so graciously sold it to me. I told him it was running just fine except not having much room on the C drive  and my efforts at clearing some space. You know what they say about talking about stuff and that when you do, you jinx things and they sometimes change. Well, that is exactly what has happened here as this morning, all of a sudden I can no longer get the File Explorer to open up. I tried several different things but to no avail so I ended up bringing it into Best Buy for their Geek Squad techs to take a look at it. They tell me that hopefully, all it will take will be a partial re-install of the operating system. I left it with them in the hopes they are right. In the meantime, I am using my Surface that I bought when they first came out a couple of years ago and it will have to be my main computer for a few days. That’s OK as it is a nice little computer. Just never gets used much.

I guess the jinx thingy strikes again…


Life and Its Peculiarities

old man digging

Life is such a peculiar thing
as we go about our daily lives
for every action whatever it is
is needy enough to take our time.

How varied our tasks through the day
each important in their own way
to take up our time as we hurry along
trying hard to get everything done.

I used to think that when I retired
I would have more time to call my own
and yet in truth more busy am I
then ever when I was gainfully employed.

That is not to say that a slacker was I
as I went about my daily tasks
it’s just that now that I have more time
I pack more into every day.

Sometimes the work is very hard
when digging or building some project new
at others like painting, more tedious by far
hardly working my muscles except in my arm.

The work I do has a twofold task
one  is that it needs to be done
the other is to keep my body fit
and my mind active both as one.

And then at the end of each day
my dogs and I sit and relax
and watch a game on the TV
usually of soccer, my favorite sport.

To bed to refresh and recharge
ready to do it all over again
as with each day a new set of tasks
to keep me busy in the usual way.


What makes people tick?

Red Rose Bud

Red Rose Bud

I was sitting here looking at my blog and marvelling at the fact that yesterday I had the most hits that I have ever had and wondered what I did or wrote differently to manage this feat.

Some of it could be that I have not written anything in three-week due to being a bit under the weather and not really feeling like writing. Some of it may be due to the subject matter of the last three blogs all having to do with the death of a very dear friend. Maybe it’s because the last blog was a slide show with music which people liked to hear as well as view and they didn’t have to do any reading.

Who knows what it is that has people paying more attention to one blog than to a different one. Being people, we are all individuals and no two tastes are the same so what appeals to one may not appeal to another. Whatever it is, if I could just fathom out what it may be, I could write top blogs all of the time but alas, I really don’t have a clue as to why this happened.

Never mind. It’s my job to make everything interesting to somebody and if we don’t break anymore records, so what. It doesn’t change the fact that I like to write and most of the time, subject matter is not usually a problem.

Now if I could just figure out the secret…


Filling the Time

Old Man Water Feature

It used to be six months ago when I was sitting around and things were slow trying to find something to do, something useful, something new.

Generally, I would find something of the physical kind as that is what I have always done when I am of the mind that something I need to do today in the yard that I can say, “Look at this, look what I have done, different from I did before” as I view my work and feel so fine that I was not wasting my time.

Now, I am much older and know that physical things no longer show as top of the list when things are slow as they used to years ago.

My thoughts turn to the writing thing, a story or poem anything is better to fill my time instead of things of the physical kind.

It’s not that I am a lazy man, far be it for I have found that I enjoy working hard and things I take
to put together, something to make or a garden to shape so that things will grow, flowers will bloom and people will know that it did not happen all by itself, it took a little work from me and Nature and God and between we three we have turned what we have for all to see into this thing of lasting beauty.