Staying in Place

Staying in place is what they said
this is what we have to do
in order to beat the virus thing
as it is more serious than regular flu
so following orders like a good chap
and doing what they say I must do
I stayed home tending to my ponds
and writing bad poetry which is nothing new
going out when the needs must
grocery shopping to name but a few
and of course I couldn’t miss out
with a stop at my Starbucks drive thru
where the line of cars it twenty deep
as others have the same urge as I
not so much for the coffee to drink
as mingling with others the reason why
even if we are far apart
sitting in our cars as we wait in line
just to be out with others the same
almost human contact makes us feel fine
staying at home is nothing new
for me as I do it all of the time
as we grow old the needs grow less
and mixing with others is not so sublime
I have my dogs whose company I need
although they are sleeping most of the time
but the minute I move to get out of my chair
wide awake and tails wagging they are right in line
I can always find something to do
usually out in the garden I go
tend to the ponds and take care of the fish
or pull weeds in the yard with my trusty hoe
and if the weather is not so kind
and I must stay in so not to get wet
a can always listen to an Audiobook
where the hero the good guy never gets upset
and rescues the damsel that is in distress
vanquishing the bad guys for their sins
even though these are trying times
human contact few and far between
many years of living by myself
for me does not really change the scene
I will continue the way that I am
me and the dogs living alone
enjoying our company the best we can
staying in our home sweet home.

Written 4/17/2020